‘Dig deeper’

BARBADIANS CAN BRACE themselves to dig deeper into their pockets with the introduction of the new two per cent National Social Responsibility Levy. Major stakeholders in the business community told the WEEKEND NATION the increase in prices was unavoidable. In fact, Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry president Eddy Abed said Barbadians... Read More


Union gives NCC deadline to pay

THE BARBADOS WORKERS’ UNION (BWU) has given the National Conservation Commission (NCC) until September 30 to pay their former workers the monies owed to them. The union’s general secretary Toni Moore made that clear yesterday, saying that the employees had suffered enough and needed to be paid as promptly as possible. Read More


Grieving mother succumbs to cancer

MAXINE LASHLEY was battling cancer, but according to a close family member it was the recent death of her son Romario Lashley which ultimately took her life. Lashley passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday around 4 p.m., two weeks after burying her son, who was killed by police. Read More


Daughter ‘not mad’

“MY DAUGHTER IS NOT MAD!” That is the cry from a frustrated Mitchelle Marksman, who does not understand why management at the Government Industrial School (GIS) is sending her teenage daughter to the Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: More than fiscal measures needed

Is a strategy of fiscal consolidation good for economic growth? There is no secret that I have expressed my concern regarding the continuing pursuit of an austerity economic policy to effect debt and foreign reserves sustainability. This policy was being pursued by a strategy of fiscal consolidation, an exercise of expenditure reduction... Read More


ON THE LEFT: New type of austerity measures needed

Is a strategy of fiscal consolidation good for economic growth? Under the current economic and socio-political circumstances, reacting with the mindset of the 1980s and 1990s is the wrong approach for national economies in Latin America and other emerging markets, and for the global system. In a world of rock bottom interest rates,... Read More


THE ISSUE: Austerity: friend and foe

Is a strategy of fiscal consolidation good for economic growth? For the last three years, Government has pursued a policy of fiscal consolidation. In other words, it has introduced a number of measures, including expenditure cuts and increased taxes in an effort to narrow the gap between what it spends and what it earns. This... Read More


Khadijah’s special touch

Blvc Allure is the name of Khadijah Trotman’s business. She chose it because she wanted something unique for the almost two-year-old home-based operation which she would like to take regional. “I got into the business from around secondary school. I was always good with my hands so I obviously used to do stuff by myself. A lot of people... Read More


Bajan high-flyers

THE BAJAN GEMS look like they are World Cup bound. The Barbados Under-21s completed their third successive victory at AFNA Youth World Cup qualifiers in St Maarten yesterday with the help of one of their regular mainstays. Read More


Athletes ‘need help’

BARBADOS’ OLYMPIC GAMES’ medal hopefuls need proper preparation before going to the starting line, and psychological motivation to cross the tape. Private people and public entities also need to pull their pockets if multi-eventer Akela Jones and other talented athletes are to get on the Olympics podium. Read More


Keen tussle for golf glory

THE TUSSLE for the men’s title in the Sagicor Barbados Open Golf Championships is shaping to be the most interesting in years. Several low handicap players are seeking to dethrone defending champion Carlsen Leacock, as well as upstage 12-time winner James Johnson when the championships tee off this morning at Royal Westmoreland. Read More


All Stars happy to be back

IT HAS BEEN 15 years since the Dutch Caribbean All Stars have competed in the International Hockey Festival. However, lingering memories of the competition, friendly people and breathtaking sights have brought the team back to Barbadian shores. Read More


OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Still bright spots in WI cricket

NOW THAT THE Olympics and the Budget are out of the way, I will focus on the West Indies versus India Test cricket series. To me it was a very disappointing series. The West Indies were able to play for a draw in the second Test at Sabina Park in Jamaica, leading me to think that there was a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel, but that... Read More


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN': A strange wedding table

YUH SEE A WEDDING, a wedding is a serious ting and not just cause it is two people joining lives permanently, but because it is a melting pot of almost every personality you can think of. Maybe that is why the seating arrangements does give people so much stress – study it. Read More


High time service providers realise customer is king

THE CUSTOMER PURCHASES goods or services from a buyer as in the case of a tangible good or extends patronage of a client in a service. The customer is king in that he is spending his money which keeps the business going. We must try at all times to ensure customer satisfaction because it provides the marketer or retailer with the resources... Read More


EDITORIAL: In a state of limbo

PURGATORY CAN be a place of cleansing or purifying. But it can also be an intermediate state of temporal uncertainty, an utterly uncomfortable condition of limbo. Such is the status of staff of statutory bodies in Barbados that their indeterminate disorder must make for an abundance of agony in their private lives. As long ago as 2011, they... Read More


Tahirah takes top spot

TAHIRAH GIBBONS may have been the youngest act of those in the second preliminary of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest, but that didn’t stop her from stealing the show away from others twice her age. The penultimate of the nine contestants to face the judges last Sunday night, this nine-year-old received thunderous applause accompanied... Read More


VIDEO: Party Monarch Finals 2016

Highlights from the Party Monarch Finals at Soca Royale 2016. Lil Rick wins his fifth title with I'z A Bajan. Read More


Birth of a Nation slavery movie stumbles in Hollywood

The American Film Institute has called off a Los Angeles screening of slavery movie The Birth of a Nation amid controversy over an old rape case involving the film's director just as Hollywood's awards season swings into gear. The screening, scheduled for Friday at the AFI, was to be followed by a question and answer session with director... Read More


VIDEO: Sweet Soca Finals 2016

Highlights from the Sweet Soca Finals at Soca Royale 2016. Edwin Yearwood successfully defended his title with Home Sweet Home. Read More




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