Millions Untouched

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN FUNDS are being left untouched as Caribbean agencies spend months haggling over minor details or, like the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), are not proactive. The harsh criticism of the lack of drive by regional agencies came from African Caribbean and Pacific Group Secretary General Dr Patrick Gomes, who said that... Read More


Forex fee delayed

THE TWO PER CENT FEE on foreign exchange transactions has been delayed. The imposition on over-the-counter foreign currency transactions will start on July 17 and not July 1, as indicated in the Budget. The Central Bank has given commercial banks and other affected institutions an “implementation window” until September 1, before the... Read More



TIME IS RUNNING OUT and Barbadians are rushing to buy high-priced consumer items that are expected to cost significantly more in a matter of days. With less than 48 hours to go before implementation of the ten per cent National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL), the main anchor of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s austerity Budget measures,... Read More


Air Traffic staff happy

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS operating at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) are now happier after resolving a number of issues that created turbulence between them and management over the years. President of the Barbados Air Traffic Control Association, Rico Simpson, told the DAILY NATION yesterday that most of the concerns had been... Read More


Courtesy gives Crop Over a lift

COURTESY GARAGE is contributing important foreign exchange to the Barbados economy and injecting funds to ensure the Crop Over Festival is a success. This was underscored by the Wildey, St Michael automobile dealership’s senior general manager Nicholas Mackie as the $126 000 Nissan X-Trail to be driven away by this year’s Pic-O-De-Crop... Read More


Beneficial ownership: Corporate striptease (final part)

CORPORATIONS HAVE FOUND a plethora of ways to cover their assets; the vexing aspect of which for the anxious compliance officer pursuing the final revelation, is that these methods are often legal. The most popular is the creation of shell companies. A shell company can be defined as a non-operational company – that is, a legal entity that... Read More


Windows XP danger lurking

AS A BAJAN and international cyber/information security consultant I urge my fellow countrymen and women to take the global Windows XP cyber weakness seriously and upgrade to a supported platform immediately, whether at home, work, or play. If you are using a Windows XP computer at home or work it is important for you to understand that... Read More


IMF says spare social programmes

SOCIAL PROGRAMMES, ESPECIALLY those related to health and education should not be sacrificed during economic programmes implemented by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). IMF managing director Christine Lagarde, in a new blog, said this was an important lesson her organisation experienced while enforcing programmes in low income countries.... Read More


QC boys hold on to claim league crown

THIS TIME QUEEN’S COLLEGE held on. QC still blew another big lead, just not another title, having barely outlasted Graydon Sealy 62-57 in yesterday’s thrilling league final of the Co-operators General Insurance Under-16 basketball competition at the Barbados Community College. It was a near repeat of Monday’s knockout title game, where... Read More


Broomes pulls out of BCA presidency race

THE presidency of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) is now a three-man race. That’s because retired school principal Jeff Broomes is no longer interested in becoming chief administrator. Broomes told NATIONSPORT that his teaching duties in preparing dozens of children for the Common Entrance Examinations had prompted his decision... Read More


Venom up against Edwards tonight

BUSINESSMAN Andrew Bynoe spent almost the entire night squealing when the Inaugural A1 Supermarkets Lance Bynoe Masters Open road tennis tournament continued on Tuesday night at the Rubis Sports Club, Spring Garden. Bynoe was not squealing in delight over the beauty of the exchanges but in his role of mimicking the sound of a pig whenever... Read More


Give players ‘some time to improve’

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR of the Barbados Football Association (BFA) Ahmed Mohamed is asking fans to be patient with the national team. “As you know the team is quite young and they need a lot of experience… We have a lot of work in front of us. As I said in the beginning what we need is time and patience. As the team is growing, the team is progressing.... Read More


Simple but not simplistic

BOTH ESTABLISHED PARTIES and almost all local and foreign-based economists are warning Barbadians to brace for severe austerity measures. Some prominent economists are even calling for a devaluation of the dollar as a way to address our dire economic problems. Surprisingly, none of these entities is being challenged to provide a plan... Read More


This time we are in a 12-foot hole

“YOU LIVES AND YOU LEARNS,” some wise person once said. Well, I learnt from the SUNDAY SUN of June 25, on Page 7A, that Mr David Gill is vaticinator, meaning a prophet. According to the report, he opined that the (parliamentary) Opposition failed in the recent Budget debate since it did not offer an alternative. Wow! With the general... Read More


Time for a rebirth

BARBADOS IS ONCE again at the crossroads, as it stood during the 1930s. The trade union movement of that day challenged the authority of the island when they stood up for the political, social and economic rights of the working class. In every shape and form what had occurred on the island was a violation of the human rights of the entire... Read More


Work together on new family model

THERE HAS BEEN a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of our declining birth rates and the deleterious effects that they could have on our national development. Mr George Griffith (former head of the Barbados Family Planning Association) has suggested that if we desire to increase birth rates, we will need to establish a population... Read More


$250 000 calypso prize ‘not possible’

UNREALISTIC. That was how chief executive officer of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Cranston Browne, characterised nine-time Pic O De Crop king Anthony Gabby Carter’s suggestion that the prize money of that competition be increased to at least quarter-million dollars. Read More


RPB, Queen T to go first on Phenomenal Friday

THE LINE-UPS for the semi-finals of the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions have been announced. On Wednesday, some of the artistes and their representatives pulled their numbers at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination. Red Plastic Bag will be first up in the Sweet Soca competition, while Queen T will set the tone... Read More


Serena shocked by pregnancy

SERENA WILLIAMS was completely taken aback by her pregnancy, taking six home tests before believing she was expecting her first child, the tennis superstar told Vanity Fair magazine. Williams, who poses nude on the cover of the magazine for its August issue, said she still had not come to terms with the prospect of being a mother, and said... Read More


Bands waiting for ease

KADOOMENT DAY BANDLEADERS are into a waiting game. With Saturday’s deadline for the imposition of the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) increase approaching, they are hoping Government will give them some ease. Bandleaders who spoke to the MIDWEEK NATION all agreed they would have to absorb the extra costs on materials imported... Read More




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