Some Government assets without coverage

AUDITOR GENERAL Leigh Trotman is concerned about the lack of insurance coverage for some state assets. Read More


BL&P cuts certain

BARBADOS LIGHT & POWER wants to cut its operating expenses by almost $30 million over the next 24 months and it has put all of its approximately 400 employees on notice that job cuts are coming. Read More


Probe into shooting for DPP

BY EARLY NEXT WEEK, the investigation into the killing of Selwyn “Blues” Knight and the wounding of his son Junior Jamar Knight should be completed. Read More


Cops byte-ing into cyber-crime

THE LOCAL POLICE FORCE is working with international agencies to establish a cybercrime lab on the island. Read More


Call to ease cargo fees

LOCAL IMPORTERS are apparently hopping mad over having to fork out millions of dollars in charges for holding on to cargo containers too long. Read More


Private sector ‘pays the bills’

MINISTER OF INDUSTRY Donville Inniss has told public sector workers they need to be a bit more appreciative of the work of the private sector, considering that was how their bills and salaries were paid. Read More


Minister Inniss meets with international business stakeholders

EFFORTS ARE ON to foster closer relations between the Ministry of International Business and stakeholders of the international and financial services sectors. Read More


Crunching numbers together

THERE IS A QUIET atmosphere in the offices at ME Murrell and Company except for the crisp, friendly voice of the receptionist occasionally answering another call from clients of the accounting firm. Read More


Blame it on age

WHO SAID AGE is just another number? Read More


Springer nearing 16

SCOTIABANK SPRINGER MEMORIAL have all but added a 16th consecutive girls’ title to their account. Read More


Aussies ruling ODI cricket

AS MUCH AS WE might detest their devotion to sledging – “mental disintegration”, their former captain Steve Waugh called it – and their strutting conceit, Australia are demonstrably One-Day International cricket’s mightiest team at present, fit to rank alongside even the mighty West Indies three decades... Read More


BSSAC Day 4 Results and Points

Results from the fourth day of the Powerade Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletics Championships. Read More


GAL FRIDAY: Discipline by the word or rod?

A FEW MONTHS AGO, you may recall Senator Dr Esther Byer talking about how people need to be educated on the appropriateness of comportment during interviews; and that some folks simply did not get a job because of the manner in which they responded or the way they may have dressed. Read More


THE LOWDOWN: God save the Froon

IT ISN’T EASY being topical when you’re on top of Veoma. I mean, she started out all nice and innocent in her virgin column. Read More


EDITORIAL: Time to tackle seaweed

THE ANNUAL INVASION of our beaches by Sargassum seaweed, a problem that appears to be escalating, cannot be blamed on the Freundel Stuart Administration. Read More


LOOKA LEW: Least among creations

I AIN’T HIDING my mouth: when it comes to men, we are the least among the least. Read More


Vigilante a must-see movie

PLENTY OF ACTION, a good storyline, a villain or two, and really good acting all combine make Vigilante: The Crossing a must see movie. Read More


Fifty Shades director Taylor-Johnson bows out of franchise

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Sam Taylor-Johnson will not be returning to direct the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey, she announced Wednesday night. Read More


FAS director: Ease us!

EASE US! That’s the plea from Al Gilkes, one of the promoters of the Digicel Barbados Reggae Festival to the Government at the Press launch yesterday at Kensington Oval. Read More


Fox announces brief return of The X-Files

NEW YORK (AP) - Agents Mulder and Scully are making their television return. Read More




Should Barbados become a republic?

Don't know