Diabetes training for public health professionals

IN ITS CONTINUING effort to curb the rise of diabetes in Barbados, the Ministry of Health collaborated with the Diabetes Education Task Force (DET) to host the first ever training session in insulin management for public health care professionals last Thursday. Read More


Dengue fever cases fewer than last year

THE MINISTRY OF Health has reported one death and 40 confirmed cases of dengue fever so far this year. Read More


NATION newscast July 31, 2015

In tonight's news: The full Social Partnership meets for the first time in a year. Customs workers return to full duties. Sada Williams and Tristan Evelyn make it to the Pan-Am Games finals. Read More


Full Social Partnership meets

IT'S TIME TO get back to the basics but with some changes to keep up with the evolving times. That was the advice today from Cedric Murrell, head of the head of the Council of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), as Barbados’ smouldering industrial... Read More


BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Is region ready for IMF pain?

SPEAKING TO A BROOKLYN AUDIENCE of Bajans, Senator Dr Esther Byer, Barbados’ Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, let slip an observation that seemingly went over most people’s heads. Read More


Oil company wants to look offshore too

THERE ARE POTENTIALLY up to 50 billion barrels of oil in Barbados’ waters, and a group of investors which has already committed to recovering hydrocarbons onshore is positioning itself to explore offshore. Read More


Key steps being taken to comply with FATCA

GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN key steps to meet the requirements of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Intergovernmental Agreement (FATCA IGA), which allows for the reciprocal exchange of information between the USA and Barbados. Read More


ON THE RIGHT: Good for growing crops and fruit

THE PURSUIT OF a greener path to economic development is attractive to Barbados, especially given its limitations in size and dependence on natural resources and fossil fuels. A green economy approach gives consideration to the level of its available natural resources... Read More


Williams, Evelyn in Pan Am finals

SADA WILLIAMS finished second in her heat and advanced to the final of the women’s 400 metres earlier today at the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in Edmonton, Canada. Read More


Sport a vehicle for social and economic development

SPORT HAS THE potential to be a real economic driver for Barbados but there are a number of hindrances that are preventing this goal from being realised. Read More


Wrong turn

IT IS NONSENSE to have the marathon and the half-marathon on the same day, says veteran long distance coach Jerston Clarke. Read More


President calls for more support for Bajan Gems

THE SENIOR national netball team has been facing heavy criticism of late for their performances on the court at away tours but Barbados Netball Association (BNA) President Nisha Craigwell believes that criticism is unwarranted. Read More


STREET BEAT: Security not an easy job

SECURITY OFFICERS are often the first line of defence for many businesses from unruly elements. Read More


IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Mother hemmed-in

VERONICA MASON is in a bind. The place she has called home for the past 15 years is surrounded by trees, walls, palings and other houses and the only access to her home is a narrow track, which she fears will soon be blocked off. Read More


LOOKA LEW: A valuable lesson

NO MY WIFE did not beat me. No she ain’t cuff me in my mouth or hit me with the frying pan ’cross my head. There is a legitimate explanation for my burst mouth and broken tooth. Read More


OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Be on your best behavior Kadooment Day

THE 2015 Crop Over Festival will be climaxing on Monday with Kadooment Day on Monday. But although the festival is going to end at weekend, I have found the whole season to be a bit low-key. Read More


Crop Over Calendar 2015

A schedule of events for the 2015 Crop Over Festival from May 25 to August 3. Read More


RPB is the people's choice

RED PLASTIC BAG is the 2015 People’s Monarch. Read More


Three more Game of Thrones seasons likely, HBO says

BEVERLY HILLS – HBO's most-watched series, the medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones, will likely continue through three more seasons, a network executive said on Thursday, as he defended the show's gritty violence. Read More


Pure Bacchanal

THOUSANDS SHOWED overwhelming support for Bacchanal Time and MADD Entertainment Wednesday night when they staged their 20th anniversary show. Read More




Do Barbadians take disaster preparedness for granted?

Don't Know