BUT Meeting

TODAY IS ONE week since the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) industrial action started against the Ministry of Education. And it is set to continue today next door to the Ministry of Education at Constitution Road, The City. This in spite of the issuing of a letter from the ministry which requested the names of teachers who attended... Read More


Mother fighting for life

IT STARTED OUT as a family get-together and the first stop was at Crumbz Bakery at Eagle Hall, St Michael. But minutes later, the laughter and chatter on Sunday night was suddenly halted by tragedy. Yesterday, 57-year-old Veldene Patricia Hinds of Carrington Village, St Michael, was clinging to life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of... Read More


Mum wants action against teacher

THE MOTHER OF a Deighton Griffith student is asking for action to be taken against a teacher who she believes has a free lease to do as she pleases. Speaking to the MIDWEEK NATION last week, the mother said that her daughter had been subjected to a teacher’s actions which caused the 13-year-old to miss an entire term of school due to not... Read More


Lepto threat ‘being ignored’

NOT ENOUGH ATTENTION is being paid to leptospirosis in Barbados or the Caribbean. That assertion has come from acting chief medical officer Dr Kenneth George, who has insisted that many cases of the potentially fatal disease are under-reported, even though laboratories have increased in proficiency. George also lamented that leptospirosis... Read More


No comfort in CIBC comment on downgrade

CIBC FIRSTCARIBBEAN claims they find Moody’s recent downgrade “unwarranted and confusing”. After rereading their comment I am of the opinion that the comment only adds to the confusion. The following is a sample of what I found when I compared CIBC’s comments with what Moody’s actually said: CIBC: “Moody’s is saying that Barbados will almost... Read More


TOURISM MATTERS: Opportunities aplenty with new airlift

LATER THS WEEK JetBlue start their new daily non-stop flights from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood airport to Barbados and it offers tremendous additional potential for our entire tourism industry. It is going to be very interesting how we as a country target the Florida market. Of all the 50 states, Florida has the highest percentage of people... Read More


BARBADOS' BEST EMPLOYERS: Culture is key to business success

CULTURE IN THE CONTEXT of its existence in organisations is one of the areas being covered in the Barbados’ Best Employers programme employee survey. Jonathan Becker, an executive culture consultant at global research and consulting firm Great Place To Work, in a piece published on, said there were a number of strategies companies... Read More


Numbers not adding up

AN ECONOMIC SURVEY of the world’s accountants, including those in the Caribbean, has found that the majority of firms are cutting back on employment and investment. And the latest Global Economic Conditions Survey released by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Management Accountants also reported... Read More


Coaching boost for NSC

A SHORTAGE of cricket coaches at the National Sports Council (NSC) looks likely to come to an imminent end. MIDWEEK SPORT investigations have revealed that the state-owned entity is about to recruit five new coaches to fill a void that had been created following the departure of several coaches over the past few years. The new batch... Read More


Sauna Heats tame Lions

THE FARM LIONS held De Village Camp Shotgun Championship for a brief moment before the battle of the captains saw Sauna Heats capturing the title and $5 000 when the tournament climaxed on Monday night at the Deighton “Pa” Roach Tennis Centre in Bush Hall. With both finalists equally matched in terms of a predictable split of three sure... Read More


Suki wins again

IT’S OFFICIAL. Ronald “Suki” King is the winner of the Henderson Layne Memorial Draughts Tournament. But he was felled at the last furlong, suffering a shock 1-0 defeat to replacement player Trevor “Gazook” Howell on Monday, carrying him to 32 points, four more than defending champion Junior “Post” Walrond. Howell, an old hand at the... Read More


Farley moves into Zonal Chess Championships

BARBADIAN Terry Farley edged compatriot Martyn Del Castilho into fourth place at the Sub-Zonal Chess Championships to clinch a place in the Zonal Championships. And six Barbadians will be awarded the title of Candidate Master after securing four-and-a-half points when the championships concluded on Monday night at Divi Southwinds Hotel.... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: St Lucy folk too long in misery

IT IS WITH SOME RELUCTANCE that I return to the issue of the Arawak Cement Company in St Lucy, the concerns of people living around that facility and the role of the state in protecting the environment and the health of citizens. Before some apologist jumps on my back, let me declare up front that I accept that the company produces cement... Read More


FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: Water a national priority

IT’S BEEN SAID that in the 21st century, it won’t be shortage of fuel that will be the world’s biggest problem, but shortage of water and food. As should be clear by now, we’re facing extreme drought conditions. I believe it was reported that our last “wet” season was one of the driest on record, and to date there seems to be no sign of... Read More


EDITORIAL: Jamaica’s overtures a benefit to all

THE NEWS REPORTS emanating from Kingston suggest Jamaica may be shifting to a more pragmatic position on relations with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). While we await clarity on Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ new vision, we hope it is embraced and shared by his Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). For many years the JLP has been the source of... Read More


FAMILY FUSION: From broken to beautiful ‘vessels’

“AS A YOUNG WOMAN, still in my teens at school, I began to feel worthless, dirty, rejected and believed I was not loved by those who were placed there by God to lay a secure and serene foundation in my life. “I hated myself and thoughts of suicide began to grip me from time to time. My fractured home where I initially grew up discarded... Read More


Drake joins Forbes list of top five richest hip-hop stars

NEW YORK – Rapper Aubrey Drake Graham became the newest member of The Forbes Five club of hip-hop's wealthiest artists on Monday with a net worth of US$60 million, according to Forbes. The annual list has regularly included rap artists Bryan Birdman Williams, Andre Dr. Dre Young, Shawn Jay Z Carter, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and Sean Diddy... Read More


Joss Stone concert cancelled

FIRST IT WAS POSTPONED, now it has been cancelled. Organisers of the Barbados leg of the Joss Stone Total World Tour announced today the concert would no longer be held. Originally, the concert was scheduled for April 16 at Holder’s House, but was postponed until May 6 when Stone took time off to be with her sick Rottweiler Missy. Read More


Randle wows at tribute to mothers

SHE CAME and she delivered to the hundreds of patrons who packed the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last Sunday evening to see and hear international gospel sensation Lynda Randle, who was the main act of the Courts Barbados, Believe Magazine and Life 97.5 FM Honour Thy Mother show. The American sang a number of her hits, such as I’m Free... Read More


Still no will found for Prince as Minnesota court opens probate process

MINNEAPOLIS – Lawyers charged with untangling the multimillion-dollar estate of music superstar Prince said on Monday they still have not located a will that could avert a years-long dispute over his fortune but have not stopped looking. Six siblings or half-siblings of Prince, who was found dead at age 57 at his home in suburban Minneapolis... Read More




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