Waves of weed kicking up stench

EVEN MORE FRUSTRATING than the unsightliness of the sargassum weeds washed ashore at River Bay, St Lucy is the pungent odour from the decaying aquatic plant. Read More


Tax break to make babies

GIVE WOMEN tax incentives to give birth to more children. Read More


Trickle-down effect ‘not that simple’

THE MATTER of easing prices for consumers now that oil prices have dropped has three sides: the Minister of Consumer Affairs Donville Inniss; the director general of the Barbados Consumers Research Organisation, Malcolm Gibbs-Taitt, and president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI),... Read More


Auditors hit WICB for six

THE WEST INDIES CRICKET BOARD (WICB) and its auditors appear to be batting on different pitches. Read More


Liquidation now seems only option

GOVERNMENT’S INITIAL DELAY in handling the CLICO crisis, and later, its failure to act in a timely and decisive manner on the options put before it by the judicial manager (JM), has led to the recommendation for the company’s liquidation. Read More


Closing down CLICO ‘best option’

GET WHAT YOU can now, as there may be nothing left if this situation drags on. Read More


Central Bank ‘to be checked’

FOLLOWING A “FORMAL REQUEST” from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Central Bank is to be assessed and strengthened before it takes charge of a new $70 million guarantee scheme for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Read More


10-MINUTE MANAGER: Renee Crichlow

ARE YOU where you’ve always wanted to be? Read More


Auditors hit WICB for six

THE WEST INDIES CRICKET BOARD (WICB) and its auditors appear to be batting on different pitches. Read More


Tough day for local juniors

THE GOING GOT TOUGH yesterday, but Barbados aren’t expected to get going until tomorrow. Read More


Mac: Bring back the drums

BRING BACK the drums to the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletic Championships (BSSAC). Read More


Premier League clashes too close to call

WITH WORLD CUP qualifying out of the way, Digicel Premier League football action returns to the National Stadium today with three encounters that are too close to call. Read More


AL GILKES: The lure of a good soup

WHAT I AM about to relate might sound a little or very far-fetched, but believe me when I tell you it is as true as anything you may swear by or on. Read More


GET REAL: Will we be igrunt or positive?

ANOTHER MAN has met his death in an encounter with an officer of the law. Read More


JEFF BROOMES: Five pillars to a good educator

THROUGHOUT my professional career as an educator, I have always accepted that my performance and, indeed, my duty were defined by five different pillars – curriculum, instruction, classroom management, technology and assessment. Read More


PETER WICKHAM: I ‘fraid monopolies

IT IS DIFFICULT to see how the Fair Trading Commission’s approval of the merger of Columbus and Cable & Wireless does not represent a backward step in the ongoing effort to provide best telecommunications deal for Barbadians. Read More


Weekend Buzz March 27, 2015

In the Weekend Buzz: Hear from the promoters of the Digicel Barbados Reggae Festival. See this year's Fantasy Kadooment costumes. Get a glimpse at who attended the red carpet premiere of Vigilante. Holder's Season climaxes with Gala Night What's on this weekend. Read More


Russian military TV station offers job to Jeremy Clarkson

MOSCOW (AP) - A television station owned by the Russian defence ministry is offering a job to former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. Read More


Singing little stars

MARKAILA WALCOTT is the queen of the calypso at the Blackman and Gollop Primary School. Read More


Vigilante a must-see movie

PLENTY OF ACTION, a good storyline, a villain or two, and really good acting all combine make Vigilante: The Crossing a must see movie. Read More




Should Barbados become a republic?

Don't know