Councils could help with small businesses

GOVERNMENT IS BEING ADVISED to use constituency councils and its overall local governance infrastructure to develop community entrepreneurship. Read More


Report card from the United Nations

A FEW MONTHS after he became Barbados’ top diplomat at the United Nations (UN) in New York, Tony Marshall has articulated a diplomatic vision for the country at the world body where his birthplace was once said “to punch above its weight.” Read More


Minister Byer calls for more talks

MINISTER OF LABOUR Senator Dr Esther Byer has called for level heads to reign, stating that tomorrow’s islandwide strike will be of no benefit to anyone. Read More


Union sending clear message

RELATIONS BETWEEN the labour movement and Government seem to be deteriorating. Read More


Councils could help with small businesses

GOVERNMENT IS BEING ADVISED to use constituency councils and its overall local governance infrastructure to develop community entrepreneurship. Read More


THE HOYOS FILE: A looming fiscal tragedy of Grecian proportions

WHENEVER I ENVISAGE GREECE, lurching around in circles with a debt of 175 per cent of GDP on its shoulders, I see, not too far off on the horizon, little Barbados, walking with increasing shortness of breath with its own load of debt, now at 133 per cent of GDP. Read More


New sweet drink tax in focus

RESEARCH INDICATES THAT Finland, France, French Polynesia, Hungary, Mauritius, Samoa, Tonga and Mexico have all done it. Read More


BHTA fixes fund problem

THE BARBADOS HOTEL AND TOURISM ASSOCIATION (BHTA) has found a way to get more of its members to contribute ot the Tourism Fund, which has received more than $7 million since being launched in 2003. Read More


BCA to vote on trimming board

THE SIZE of the board of directors of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) could be in for a significant reductio Read More


Barbados fielding women’s 4x400 unit

FOR THE FIRST TIME in over a decade Barbados will be represented in the women’s 4x400 metre relay at a major senior track and field event. Read More


TONY COZIER: Return to fast lane a priority

THE PROBLEM has developed unchecked over the past couple of decades. Read More


Quest2Glory gives young swimmer a helping hand

DANIELLE TITUS’ Olympic future isn’t being left up to chance. Read More


AL GILKES: Is Samsung really spying on us?

TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO BELIEVE. That’s the dilemma facing cellphone owners and users across the world, including Barbados, since a video started circulating on Facebook and other social media ... Read More


GET REAL: Homophobic thoughts

I NEVER ACCEPTED the term homophobia before. A phobia is an irrational fear. As far as I was concerned, “I din frightened fuh nuh gay guy.” With the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of gay marriage I have reconsidered. Read More


SEEN UP NORTH: Laff-It-Off rocks Brooklyn

MORE THAN 300 Bajans and other West Indians had the ample opportunity to laugh at themselves when the popular stage production Laff-It-Off, that delightful comedy, came to Brooklyn during a United States tour. Read More


TONI THORNE: The N-word debate

BARACK OBAMA said the word “nigger” in an interview with comedian Marc Moran on Moran’s WTF podcast whilst declaring that America is not cured of racism. Read More


Junior Monarch semis in full swing

THE TWELVE semi-finalists in the eight to 12 category of the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch have had their turn before the judges. Read More


Semi-finals face-off

THE FUN PART of the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch contest is over and the fight is on. Read More


Strong line-up for Soca Royale

HYPASOUNDS, Lil Rick and King Bubba FM were popular choices when the finalists for Soca Royale were announced early this morning at Kensington Oval. Read More


Weekend Buzz July 3, 2015

In the Weekend Buzz . . . A look back at Beach Fest and Elevate. The launch of Sunset Sundays. What's buzzing this weekend. Read More




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