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Alexandra report in Parliament soon

Alexandra report in Parliament soon Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (ri) and Minister of Education Ronald Jones on today's mass canvass. (Maria Bradshaw)

Sat, November 03, 2012 - 6:20 PM

The Alexandra report will be laid in Parliament shortly.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced today that the much anticipated 111-page document will be brought to Parliament either at Tuesday’s sitting or the following week.

"We are hoping to get it laid on Tuesday ... We do not think the implementation of those recommendations that we intend to implement should be disruptive. The first and paramount consideration is the welfare of the children at the school. There have had enough disruption already and I am happy that we can put an end to all of the tension and all of the confrontation and all of the acrimony that has honeycombed the Alexandra School over the last ten years.. We intend the process to be as smooth and as undisrutptive as possible," he said.

Full story in tomorrow's SUNDAY SUN

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