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Arthur: Failure of leadership

Arthur: Failure of leadership (FP)

By MIKE KING | Tue, October 16, 2012 - 12:07 AM

OPPOSITION LEADER Owen Arthur says the global economic downturn is not the biggest issue facing Barbados, rather it is “a recession of leadership”.

The former Prime Minister said if it were possible, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) would give its top annual honour – the Grantley Adams Award – to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as the person who had done the most for the party in the last year.

Arthur was the final speaker Sunday night at the official opening of the Christ Church South constituency office on Maxwell Coast Road and attended by candidate Jerome Walcott, the former MP.

“The man has said that we have awoken a sleeping giant when we knew all along he was asleep,” Arthur said of, Stuart. “If he in fact was asleep for the last two years, he really ought to return the money to the Treasury.

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Posted by CARL HUSBANDS 2 years ago
So let me get this straight. Mr Stuart's supposed inaction is more than the entire BLP has proposed in the past year and Mr. Arthur sees that as a good thing for his party!? Talk about low expectations. The Next General Elections: Twiddle Dee vs Twiddle Dum.

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Posted by Leonard B 2 years ago
Mr, Arthur, when the PM made that comment I immediately thought that you would jump at the opportunity, and you certainly did. How could the PM and his team have been asleep at the wheel when they managed to steer us through the most tough economic times that this country has ever faced. I challenge you to name a PM or an administration that faced an economic downturn as severe as the current one. Countries several times the size of Barbados have succumbed. We are moving along and holding our own. Kudos to the PM and his team. You are beginning to sound like a tired old man who is catching at every possible straw in your attempt to gain the leadership back. Unfortunately what I am seeing is a bunch of shallow promises without a sound strategy. You have still not told us what you would do differently. As an undecided who has supported both major parties in the past I would love to hear your plan as it may assist in my decision process. LB.

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