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Arthur’s plan for the north

Arthur’s plan for the north Barbados Labour Party’s Jerome Walcott (left) and George Payne talking strategy. ((Picture by Basil Griffith))

By MIKE KING | Mon, October 22, 2012 - 12:10 AM

ONE OF THE first orders of business in a new Barbados Labour Party administration will be a redevelopment plan for the Scotland District.

The promise was made last night by party leader Owen Arthur as he delivered the main address in Hillaby last night at the nomination of George Payne as the BLP candidate for St Andrew. Arthur said if the BLP was returned to office, it would place emphasis on development of the north of the island.

He described the Scotland District as a place of pride and prosperity, but claimed it had been sadly neglected by the ruling  Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration over the past four years. Arthur said it was time to put Barbados back on a path of growth and development.

“This is not about St Peter’s self-interest. Barbados cannot go forward unless there is a programme of sustainable development for the north that allows the north once again, as it did under the Barbados Labour Party, to make a substantial contribution to the betterment [of] this land,” Arthur said.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years ago
What kind of "redevelopment" a park, building structures, or agricultural lands ?

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Posted by George Roberts 2 years ago
As Barbadians, we must begin holding our politicians accountable for their words and actions. I find it truly amazing that after being in power for fifteen years, with a healthier world economy and in a position to drive change and development, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur can be using the promise of developing the north to woo voters.
Mr. Opposition Leader, please educate me on the following:
How will this be funded, in light of our much talked about declining credit ratings.
If money is borrowed for this venture, wouldn't the negative ratings impact our interest rates, thus our ability to repay?
Will this development create revenue earning opportunities or will it be for recreational use.
Instead of blowing smoke, tell the voters the truth. Tell them the difficulties (reality) of taking over leadership of a country in tough world economic times, with rising debt, declining credit ratings, rising energy cost, declining tourist arrivals and declining foreign exchange.

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Posted by CARL HUSBANDS 2 years ago
Is it going to be a programme geared towards developing our agricultural lands in our pursuit of food security or is it going to be a programme where we just sell the land to the real estate developers? Notwithstanding the title of a "new Barbados Labor Party administration" what exactly is the difference between the so-called new BLP administration and the old BLP administration? What the global financial crisis has shown the world is that countries need to have structurally sound economies. Most experts would conclude that Barbados' economy was not structurally sound prior to the onset of the financial crisis. On the surface all looked good but fundamentally there were problems. Sort of like the person who puts on the designer clothes without first taking a shower. A failure to restructure our economy will always make us devastatingly vulnerable to events beyond our control. We need leaders who will say what is needed to be said and not what they think we want to hear.

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Posted by daneale o'neale 2 years ago
I thoughtDavid said this man shelf life expired,whyis he being put back on the shelf? Is there no other that is good enough to be display as possible shelf product? I thought Mia was there but it seem that just a thought, sorry.

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Posted by daneale o'neale 2 years ago
Arthur fourteen years a plan now coming,uummmmmmmm.people take so long to do simple things.A wonder yyyyyyyyyyy.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 2 years ago
What is the colour of love?

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Posted by Tony Waterman 2 years ago
Was the Scotland District not there for the BLP's 14 year reign?

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