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Bajan on US team

Bajan on US team

Wed, November 07, 2012 - 12:03 AM

A former Barbados youth cricketer has been selected to represent the United States against Canada in the Auty Cup in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from November 14 to 17.

Nicholas Standford represented Queen’s College, The Lodge School, Wanderers Juniors, the Combined Schools and Barbados in the West Indies Under-19 Championship in 2004, the year before he left for the United States.

Standford, 25, has been a consistent heavy scorer for New York’s Atlantis Cricket Club, which has competed in the Eastern American League for the past two years.

This year, Standford struck two centuries and was dismissed twice in the 90s while amassing over 800 runs to help Atlantis to both the T20 and 40-overs finals. He hit 108 in a T20 game and went ever better, smashing an amazing 201 not out in 40-over-a-side match.

The Auty Cup is a two-day traditional two-innings match between Canada and the United States, which was revived last year when the Canadians won on home turf. It was first played in 1844.

To make the series more interesting and contemporary, additional limited overs matches have been added to the fixtures. A 50-overs match will be played on November 16, followed by two Twenty20 matches on November 17.

The Americans are using the Cup to prepare for their next two international assignments - the ICC Americas Division 1 T20 in March 2013 and ICC Pepsi WCL Division 3 in April 2013.

United States Team: Steven Taylor, Ryan Corns, Nicholas Stanford, Barrington Bartley, Adrian Gordon, Saami Muneeb Siddiqui, Timothy Surujbally, Azurdeen Mohammed, Japen Patel, Danial Ahmed, Adil Bhatti, Hammad Shahid, Naseer Jamali and Timil Patel. (EZS)

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