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BFA blow

PRECARIOUS. Adrian Donovan, president of Paradise Football Club, standing at the edge of the foundation of the Barbados Football Association’s headquarters which has to be demolished.

By SHERRYLYN A. TOPPIN | Sun, October 28, 2012 - 12:10 AM

THE BARBADOS FOOTBALL Association’s (BFA) Goal Project in Wildey has been hit by another snag.

This time it is the Ministry of Housing and Lands’ ordering the demolition of the foundation for the planned three-storey headquarters as no approval had been granted by the Town Planning Department to begin that phase of construction.

Newly elected president Randy Harris told the SUNDAY SUN it was a big disappointment.

“One of the short-term plans was to have the facility available to the BFA. We thought it was very important for us now to make sure it was in a state that we could play matches, maybe rent portable lights, and play some of our matches at the facility since the Stadium is not going to be ready until February or March. It is a big disappointment,” Harris said.

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Posted by Carl Harper 2 years ago
"Big disappoint," Mr Harris? Your Association proceeded with a building project without Town Planning permission and you are disappointed the Ministry of Housing and Lands asked you to discontinue? Gimme a break!

Why do you believe that the Barbados Football Association (BFA) should be granted preferential treatment over any other person or entity that attempts to construct an illegal structure? Who advised the BFA that they could go ahead with construction without permission, anyway? What was the rush? Who will be contracted to fence and secure the site now?

The BFA must follow the approval process like anyone else who wants to carry out a developmental project.

I am aware that the BFA met with opposition from the residents of the surrounding upscale neighborhoods over siting the new football stadium on the Wildey complex, because of the perceived undesirable elements the sport would attract to the area.

Of course no such resistance was made to have the swimming, tennis and hockey centers located there, as these sports tend to have a "different" following.

By the way, wasn't that BFA headquarters project commenced under its longstanding immediate past president?


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