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BLP to suspend campaign Ash Wednesday

BLP to suspend campaign Ash Wednesday Opposition leader Owen Arthur (FP)

Sun, February 10, 2013 - 9:37 PM

The Barbados Labour Party  (BLP) will suspend its 2013 general election campaign this week for 24 hours, in respect of the Lenten season.

The revelation was made Saturday night by the party’s political leader, Owen Arthur at the Carlisle Bay Car Park in Bridgetown, where the Bees officially introduced its 30-candidate team for the February 21 election, to the country.

The former Prime Minister said there would be no campaigning or political meetings on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday).

“Freundel Stuart, in his wisdom, has decided to call this election during the season of Lent. We are a Christian society in the large majority, and we will respect the Christian values of Barbados,” Arthur told the crowd, estimated to be in the region of about 10 000.

“We cannot refuse to campaign entirely, but as a gesture of respect for the Lenten season, the Barbados Labour Party Party will suspend its political campaign on Wednesday. We will not be having public meetings on that day,” the incumbent MP for St Peter said to loud applause from the red-flag waving party faithful.

A serious sounding Arthur also revealed that the campaign has been a fatiguing one so far, but that he has been up to the task. “A political campaign can be very tough on a leader. But you have inspired me throughout this campaign,” he said, before quoting the catch-line from the popular song “You Raise Me Up”. (BA)


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Posted by CARL HUSBANDS 1 year, 8 months ago
The Lentern season is one of soul searching and reflection. Instead of the BLP suspending the campaign for Ash Wednesday, perhaps the BLP and the DLP should hold a joint meeting where both parties can address the decay of the Christian values in Barbados and how both of them will reinforce the Christain values in Barbados. I have read where blogger Randy Bridgeman and our clergy were requesting that the parties put God first in this election. Perhaps the blessing of having this election during the lentern season is that the parties now have no excuses about doing just that.

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