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BWA finds source of water outages

Fri, November 16, 2012 - 12:26 PM

The Barbados Water Authority informs residents of the St. Michael areas that were today Friday, November 16th suffering water outages from early this morning, that it has found the source of the problem impacting them.

The problem stemmed from an electrical fault on the motors of two booster pumps at the Hanson Station. Crews have worked tirelessly all morning to resolve the issue and by around 11 a.m were able to turn back on, one of the two pumps. Water is therefore now flowing back into the distribution network via this pump. Work continues on the motor of the 2nd pump.

The Authority reminds customers that it is a large area that has been impacted and so it will take some time for all affected customers to all benefit. It is expected though, that over the next few hours, depending on demand, normal supply should resume for all affected districts.

Customers who may have already started to receive water through their taps are asked to limit their usage to essential activity so as to assist in the provision of water to all affected areas.

The BWA’s water tankers will continue to assist persons in the affected districts until the supply returns to normal.

The Authority apologises for the inconvenience caused and thanks you for your patience.  



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