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Call to action in education

Call to action in education

Mon, October 22, 2012 - 5:51 PM

Educators from ten countries have been tasked with finding a solution to the economic challenges facing education.

Speaking at the opening of the Third International Conference On Higher Education at Hilton Barbados on Sunday, Minister of Education Ronald Jones told participants that though it will be difficult, answers have to be found.

“When I reflect on the significant burdens being caused by the current global uncertainties and the ever present recessionary economic trends, I am convinced that thinkers such as yourselves must deploy every talent, every skill and every knowledge to assist those in governance, business, trade and other economic and social actions to change the current circumstances/paradigm. I do not believe it is beyond our capacity,” Jones said.

Noting that a number of other crises had been solved before, Jones said this current situation might be due to a lack of confidence.

“What we seem to be facing is a crisis of confidence, severe convulsions of fear and stagnation of action. What we need is a call to deliberate action; an opportunity for men to quell their various fears and get to work in resolving this crisis,” he stated.

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Posted by Lionel James 2 years ago
Mr Jones is always good for a laugh. I just love the irony of the last quote regarding “deliberate action”, “stagnation of action” and “resolving the crisis”. Merely more of his customary pompous but empty utterances. One only has to look at the utterly inept (mis)handling of the Alexandra issue by Mr Jones and his Ministry: their complete “stagnation of action”, their failure to bring to bear any “deliberate action” on the matter and their total inability to “resolve” the crisis. He is but a wordsmith and not even a very good one at that!

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