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Call to legalize ganja for medicinal purposes

Call to legalize ganja for medicinal purposes Angela Brown Burke

Sat, January 19, 2013 - 9:47 AM

Deputy President of the Senate, Angela Brown Burke, says the country should legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons.

Brown Burke, contributing to a debate on plant genetics in the Senate yesterday, said Cannabis sativa, or marijuana, represents a worthwhile economic opportunity that the country should seek to tap.

Brown Burke expressed the hope that very soon the list of products covered by plant genetic resources for food and agriculture treaty would be expanded by the research and work of Jamaicans and that cannabis could be added.

"These are discussions that we need to have. There are other states and other countries that are way advanced than we are because they have taken that bold step to step forward," Brown Burke said.

She added: "I believe that we need to put it in a framework that allows them to participate legally in the economy and I believe that is an opportunity that we should not miss."

The call for the legalization of marijuana in Jamaica has got stronger in light of several states in the USA moving to decriminalize its use. (Jamaica Gleaner)


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Posted by Mary Quite Contrary 1 year, 9 months ago
it should be decriminalized altogether. It is no worse than alcohol and cigarettes, furthermore it has cancer curing properties. Stop feeding the people this fodder about gateway drugs, schizophrenia and life coming to an end from marijuana use. The facts remain that some people will do harder drugs whether we like it or not, whether they smoke a lil weed or not; like any other drugs or medicine out there, it isnt for everyone, if it dont 'gree with you, dont do/take it. Why should a government tell you what you can/cannot ingest? Decriminalize the thing, and let the police do some REAL work, catching the robbers and murderers out there that actually having an impact on how we go about our lives and daily routines. The rasta man cooling out in his yard smoking a spliff dont stop me from living my life. The thieves, bank robbers, gun toting trigger happy youth, rapists and murderers do though!

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