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Clarke wants Govt to intervene on Workbench

Clarke wants Govt to intervene on Workbench James Linton (left) of Workbench Furniture Limited and son Barrie Linton at Spring Garden yesterday. (Lennox Devonish)

Sat, December 08, 2012 - 11:19 AM

TREVOR “JOB” CLARKE is throwing his support behind Workbench Furniture Limited, which is embroiled in controversy with Trinidadian-based insurance company Beacon, and is calling on the Barbados Government to get involved.

Clarke, one of Barbados’ prominent manufacturers of T-shirts and trophies in the 1970s, was speaking yesterday at the site of a sale and a protest adjacent to the Spring Garden location of the burnt out Workbench building, which was razed this year.

Management of Workbench was protesting against Beacon for voiding the business’s insurance policy. Signs reading No Way Beacon, Not In Barbados and Trinidadian Company Beacon Insurance Cancelled Policy After Fire were placed nearby.

“Our governments have failed us and [Prime Minister Freundel Stuart] has to let the failures that went before be halted today,” Clarke said. “I am glad Mr [Barrie] Linton [son of managing director James Linton] had the guts to do what he is doing. We allowed them in our markets freely.”

He also said the Prime Minister must sit down with the business people like Mr Linton and get to know the truth.

“The Beacon should be able to remain in business only when they settle this relationship with Mr Linton.” (JS)


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