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Colourful cocktails

Colourful cocktails Marco Pavone, general manager of The House and Daphne’s Restaurant, in light discussion with Italian artist Gino Berardi.

Mon, April 11, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Italian artist Gino Berardi presents the colourful history of the cocktail on canvas with his latest work now on show in an art exhibition at The House, one of the properties in the Elegant Hotels Group.

Berardi, an impressionist artist, journalist and gastronomer, has created an interesting series of paintings set in the world of bars and drinks. He represents on the canvas, scenes of cockfights and then glasses, bottles, musical keys, lightly outlined women’s faces and hearts in a myriad of colours.

During a recent cocktail reception at the Payne’s Bay, St James property, guests and art lovers got the opportunity to meet and interact with the award-winning artist, who also expressed his love for the breathtaking beauty of Barbados.

“The colours of the sea and the sky change rapidly, especially in the morning. Barbados is a beautiful place to get inspired,” said Berardi, through the general manager of The House, Marco Pavone, who translated for him.  

Pavone invited Berardi to visit the island to provide locals and visitors alike with a taste of his work. The renowned artist was also one of Pavone’s teachers at a hotel management and catering school in Italy.

“I believed his work would do well in Barbados and the Caribbean because it is very colourful. It was also a great opportunity for people to be exposed to and appreciate good art from a well-known international artist,” Pavone said.

Berardi painted his first piece at age nine, and his decorated career has seen his work being displayed across the world in private and public collections in addition to being guarded by major museums.

The artist has also won numerous awards including appointment as Commander of the Italian Republic and Member of the Tiber in Rome. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in Italy, France, the United States, England, Switzerland and other European states.

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