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Connection the KO queens

Lydia Bishop (right) of by A&A Connection grabbing the ball under threat from Britton’s Hill’s Kamillah Burke and a hidden Faye Sealy. (Picture by Kenmore Bynoe.)

Fri, November 23, 2012 - 12:03 AM

A&A Connection snapped the winning streak of league champions Brittons Hill to win the Sir Roy Trotman BWU knockout title at the Netball Stadium on Wednesday night.

A&A Connection scored a narrow 53-51 victory to deny Brittons Hill the double.

The game started almost 40 minutes late due to the absence of a second umpire but the large crowd was compensated with some impressive netball.

Former national player Lydia Bishop gave a dominant shooting performance, sinking 29 of 33 attempts for the winners.

In a match-up with Barbados six-footer Faye Sealy, goal shoot Bishop showed her experience and craft in moving out of the “D” to drag Sealy which allowed goal attack Renee Rudder to move in to score 24 of 35 for A&A Connection. Bishop also used her greater strength to physically outplay Sealy.

Rudder’s long-range bombs were spectacular and even when she missed, Bishop shook off Sealy to grab the rebounds and score.  Even so, Sealy, with her reach and jump, made some fantastic interceptions to keep Brittons Hill in the hunt.

At the other end, Latonia Blackman, at goal attack, battled to convert 31 for her 35 attempts, and Kimberley Brathwaite converted 20 of 34.

Blackman’s speed and skills were obvious in moving to the ball while Brathwaite matched Rudder in sinking long-range missiles from just inside the D.

A&A Connection held the advantage in every quarter except the tied third – 14-13, 28-24, 40-40.  

The centre court play from Barbados national Sabreena Smith and Joyann Cooke also gave A&A Connection the edge.

Earlier there was rejoicing in St George after Hillside Lime Newbury tamed Wolverines 36-19 to take the Linda Brooks knockout crown.  

Goal attack Janelle Braithwaite (17-29) was replaced by Beverley Marsh (7-11) and they were supported by goal shoot Latricia Busby (12-17) for Newbury.

Adona Griffith (18-28) at goal shoot lacked support by goal attacks Nicole Graham (0-1) and veteran Marion Johnson-Hurley (1-1) for Wolverines. (KB)

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