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Cops urged: Duty as usual

Cops urged: Duty as usual JUSTICE OF APPEAL SHERMAN MOORE ((FP))

By Heather-Lynn Evanson | Tue, October 30, 2012 - 12:09 AM

A COURT OF APPEAL JUDGE has urged embattled senior lawmen to rise above their present challenges and continue to maintain their high standards of policing.

Justice of Appeal Sherman Moore has compared the present dispute 16 officers have with Commissioner Darwin Dottin and the Police Service Commission (PSC) to that in “the best regulated home”.

The Justice of Appeal was speaking after the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought by the PSC against a High Court ruling given by Justice Elneth Kentish, who granted an interim injunction preventing Commissioner Dottin from announcing promotions of 15 lawmen until after the court case brought by the 16 aggrieved has been heard.

Justice of Appeal Moore, who presided with Justice of Appeal Professor Andrew Burgess and Acting Justice of Appeal Kaye Goodridge, noted that like in any well regulated home, there would  be disputes “from time to time”, but those disputes had to be handled “manfully”.

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