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Court twist

Court twist Joseph Jordan. (FP)

By Barry Alleyne | Wed, November 07, 2012 - 12:11 AM

A High Court judge has recused herself from a civil lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Barbados because she also intends to take legal action against the defendant.

In what could be a first in Barbados’ judicial system, Justice Elneth Kentish yesterday removed herself from the case Coach House Limited versus Joseph Jordan III, informing the No. 12 Supreme Court that she had referred the case to Chief Justice Marston Gibson for a new date because she would also be commencing litigation against Jordan.

The judge’s decision is based on the contents of a letter Jordan wrote to the Chief Justice and copied to local and international media organizations (CNN and Fox News). This letter contained what she deemed to be scurrilous statements which referred directly to her.

On July 5, Justice Kentish had ordered Jordan not to trespass on the property from which The Beach House operates, and/or not to approach or remain within 50 metres of the establishment. This was after Coach House Limited (which operates as The Beach House) had started proceedings against the businessman, also seeking damages.

But on October 18, Jordan had called the media to The Beach House property on Sunset Crest, St James, and instructed workmen to remove a large iron gate, claiming it was blocking access to the nearby beach. A story of the incident was published in WEEKEND NATION the following day.

Please read the full story in today’s MIDWEEK NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by Bajan Fishermen 1 year, 11 months ago
The Elitist of Barbados, have ran ram shod for too long over those that who were not able to fight back. Now the generation of the emancipated persons, have got the wherewith all to fight them in the courts.
But again, the legacy of the Elitist still trenched within our legal and other systems. There is no other place in the world, where a person has full legal titled as in the case of Mr. Jordan, that a judicial officer would render such a decision that seeks to deprived Mr. Jordan his legal rights.
Mr. Jordan is right of notifying the local and international media about this situation.
What he has done is thrown a monkey wrench into the middle, for they cannot go to their private enclaves and club houses and put in the fix, as easily as they would like.
They are numerous cases similar in nature to this, that are currently slogging their way through the archaic and nontransparent legal system of Barbados.

This case does not call for any judicial review. It is a clear cut case, with Mr. Jordan having full and clear title outright. It is just that Mr. Gordan knows his rights, and did not allow them to give him the works.
Now the light of transparency, will shine in those dark places that still to this day continue to plague this country Barbados.
It would also be wise for Mr. Jordan, if they continue with their judicial proceedings, as for a jury trial of his peers, for which he is constitutionally guaranteed by the Barbados constitution.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 1 year, 11 months ago
Scurrilous statements??? Hhhhmmmmmm!!!!!

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Posted by Anthony MAP 1 year, 11 months ago
It is interesting to see people comment as though they are subject matter experts in these columns. In this case, the facts of both sides weren’t released. I have always heard that a story has 3 sides and in this case, the Nation News paper as often does, fails to do investigative reporting. I will not comment further on the case being adjudicated but my philosophy is that “who tells the 1st story tells the best story.”

In the matter of Justice Kentish, I fully support her and it’s not a matter of throwing a monkey wrench anywhere that she recused herself. You simply cannot go around saying what you like, when you like about people without facts. To make matters worse, not only did he (Mr. Jordan) communicate his feelings to the local media but to cast aspersions on a person's character regionally and internationally is simply asking for serious repercussions. Case in point, Ms Mia Mottley vs the UK media tabloid.

I am a poor, black and proud Barbadian but I will be delighted to see the day when more people are taken before the law courts for malicious, defaming and damaging comments. Maybe we will stop the malicious gossiping and slander in this country.

@ Bajan Fisherman, wait on the outcome to see who is the victor in both matters.

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