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Crime Stoppers launch new website

Crime Stoppers Barbados executive director Devrol Dupigny (right)  in conversation yesterday with chairman Oral Reid (left), the Barbados Tourism Authority’s manager for planning and reporting, Bernard Phillips (second from right), and sponsoring partner LIME’s head of marketing and corporate communications Rachel Pilgrim. (Picture by Ricardo Leacock.)

Wed, October 17, 2012 - 12:06 AM

Barbadians are truly becoming crime stoppers.

In the last three years civic-minded Bajans have, through their tips to Crime Stoppers Barbados, been responsible for solving more than 100 crimes.

This was revealed yesterday by Devrol Dupigny, executive director of Crime Stoppers Barbados.

In addition, local tipsters have led to the Royal Barbados Police Force’s making 57 arrests and 113 charges being laid through the 1 041 tips since Crime Stoppers was launched in Barbados three years go.

According to Dupigny, the success rate has improved because Barbadians are no long skeptical about their identities being leaked should they provide Crime Stoppers with information leading to arrests, charges or incarcerations. (BA)

Please read the full story in today’s MIDWEEK NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by Baje LL 2 years ago
If you are brazen and bold enough to do the crime you should be man/woman enough to do the time. I hope that every measure is continually implemented to ensure the anonymity of those who care about Barbados' interest enough and who view it as their social responsibility to ensure that Barbados maintains its repute of being a, comparatively, low crime nation. Keep up the good work Crime Stoppers!!! Kudos!!

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Posted by Harold Harris 2 years ago
I am happy to see that Barbadians are comfortable with the measures taken by Crime Stoppers Barbados in providing anonymous avenues for the collection of information from persons. Such commitment by the organization in maintaining informants’ secrecy is of paramount significance in assisting the RBPF in its efforts to apprehend and bring criminals to justice.

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Posted by Frederick Corbin 2 years ago

I think more priority should be given to fighting the preservation of Barbadian Tourism image by cracking down on local organized crime which has international repercussions as the link above demonstrates.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years ago
Not only international crime, but there are too many petty thieves operating on the beaches and the streets of Barbados. Having a cell phone stolen on vacation (esp. if that is someone who needs that phone to remain in communication for work), is more of a blow towards someone thinking about returning to Barbados than if two drugs dealers shooting down one another over turf...

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