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DEAR CHRISTINE: Man from my area wants to ruin my life

DEAR CHRISTINE: Man from my area wants to ruin my life

Wed, October 31, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Dear Christine,

I have a great heartache. You see I had a boyfriend for almost two years. I was really in love with him, then a boy from my district went and told him some horrid things about me and he left me. It almost broke my heart.

This boy from the district is not satisfied, as last week I was talking to the same old boyfriend and he told me that I was trying to beg back the boy for friendship. He says as long as he lives he will make it his business to stop the boy I love and tell him some more things.

He also says if he sees us together again he will embarrass me and draw a crowd. He says too that if I do not believe him he would make this boy lose his job as he and his manager are close friends.

Christine, I never did this boy anything. He is mad because I did not let him fool around with me. What must I do?

– L.

Dear L,

You need to sit down with your friend and let him know about all the threats this boy has made and continues to make to you. Rather than try to make life difficult for you, he should admire you for not allowing him to have his own way with you. He wants you but you do not want him and he is bent on doing everything to make sure no one enjoys your friendship.

I also believe that this boy whom you care about should tell his manager what his so-called “friend” has said. I doubt very much that any man with as responsible a post as that of a manager would pay much attention to spiteful gossip.

This boy is nothing but a bully and usually the bigger the bully, the more coward they are. Ignore his taunting, but when it comes to deliberately creating trouble for you, I would suggest you report it to the police, and ask them to remind him of your right to live a peaceful life.


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Posted by dirty okra 1 year, 11 months ago
Sound a bit stalker-ish to me. Seems like a restraining order is in need..

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Posted by Pan Wallie 1 year, 11 months ago
Sometimes restraining orders get these lunatics more aggressive.They want to prove a point. Years ago our brothers were the answer to the sum. Don't you have any?

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Posted by Kay-rani Rosita 1 year, 11 months ago
Secretly record him, then you and your boyfriend take it to the police and make a complaint.

Your boyfriend should have told off the "man" for saying negative things about his girlfriend, but instead he dumps you. Perhaps he's more stupid than the ignorant bully.

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