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Dems ‘more visible’

Dems ‘more visible’ Minister of Industry Donville Inniss. (FP)

By Marlon Madden | Wed, September 11, 2013 - 12:06 AM

Barbadians can expect to see and hear more from their Democratic Labour Party (DLP) parliamentarians in the coming weeks.

That is according to general secretary of the DLP, Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, who said it was necessary that citizens understood why Government had to take some decisions.

“So, we can expect going forward, apart from the Sunday mass meeting, that there will be other opportunities for members of the public to sit and discuss issues of the day with their Member of Parliament and with the Government on the whole,” Inniss added.

“We are not talking about political meetings but meetings where you can sit down in community centres and engage the public where they can tell us their concerns and we can let them know what decisions we are taking and why. And to make sure we have that two-way communication.”

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Posted by Lloyd Gulstone 1 year, 1 month ago
Stuuuuuuuupe. You have a large percentage of islanders losing confidence in you rapidly. You think you had a right to exercise silence at a time when the country is reeling under pressure and suffering. Have you not notice that in the history of our island we are seeing and hearing for the first time suicides so frequent that they are not years apart but days apart. Everyone knew that austerity was coming but as I have said before they never expect this type of delivery and insensitivity; failing not to mention that each time you talk you sound so unsure of what you are doing. Now you are ready to talk how are we suppose to listen...with one ear, two ears, no ears or wonder if this is the real truth since you things and then come back and say its a glitch or you were not aware,,,,Stuppppppppse.

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Posted by G Philips 1 year, 1 month ago
Sigh...these amateurs are just doing everything backward, this should have been done long ago. Well at least its happening now...right? -_-

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Posted by David Hall 1 year, 1 month ago
More! More, of which version of the facts: the pre-election version, or the post-election version? AND how will what you plan to say differ from what you said before and since the Election or as usual have you not yet decided? We already know that temporary means temporary. The Government had a national platform in the budget and the government chose to be perplexingly vague. Ever since then, the vagueness and double talk continues. The Government has CBC channels 24/7 to its advantage and still chooses to be vague. Are these meeting going to be government or party sponsored? Who will foot the bill? If these are to promote the party then do it in your constituency branch meetings and your lunch time lectures at your party’s expense. If these meetings are from the government and there is a cost attached to hosting them we cannot afford them as a country at this time. Use existing channels to communicate with us, Bajans have never said they don’t want to hear, in fact our plea for a few years now has been, why not talk to us and level with us? The attorney general already said he has better things to do than concern himself with whom trying to hack our face- book accounts. The minister of education seems to only want to scold us and seem to be threatening to violate our rights. Will this be his opportunity to crush descent and punish us with laughter? More? What does that mean minister Inniss? Please tell us, and please be clear.

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Posted by Carl Harper 1 year, 1 month ago
Donville Inniss: “So, we can expect...members of the public to sit and discuss issues of the day with their Member of Parliament and with the Government on the whole...where...we can let them know what [austere and draconian] decisions we are taking [now] and why [we did not do it before elections]."

While the DLP politicians are at it, I want them to also explain to the public why Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, addressing Barbados Community College graduates in November 2011, said tertiary education in Barbados will remain free across the board, and insisted that reintroducing tuition fees would be a step backwards in the country’s development. Now after being returned to Office, is stating that "free tertiary education was not intended to last forever."

Many people are eager to ask Stuart why he said in October last year the ruling Democratic Labour Party won’t be cutting jobs in the public service, despite the tough economic times because it would be a recipe for disaster and would create additional hardships for Barbadians. According to the PM, such plan would have fallen under the Barbados Labour Party's agenda, but not the DLP's.

Within only six month of elections a circular from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs has gone out on "Implementation of Budgetary Proposals" where cuts to the tune of $50 million in temporary, substitutes and acting employees must be made this fiscal year, with a further 10 percent cuts in 2014-15.

Even on the day of the Budget 30 workers from the BWA were sent packing and many others expected to go soon in a "humane" a manner as possible....cont'd

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Posted by Carl Harper 1 year, 1 month ago
Part 2...
Please tell the public that in addition to cutting the QEH budget by $35 million, what does the Minister of Health, John Boyce, mean by "there may be revenue-producing measures" at that institution, as reported in the Nation. Does that mean Barbadians will have to pay for medical services they enjoyed for free at the point of delivery as a result of paid taxes?

Another matter of concern is the constant refrain of the Central Bank Governor that the economy was "stable" up to the day of elections and foreign reserves were "through the roof" but mere months after the elections the coffers were bleeding $100 million per month, and we heard that the economy is not so stable and required $400 million cuts to reduce the deficit.

What ever become of the finance minister $600 million stimulus package announced just after election?

All the talk about the DLP being "more visible" is just constituency-type branch meetings aimed at a salivating base. Just as the monthly Constituency Reports and Walkabouts, and post-Cabinet Press conferences emerged and died natural deaths, so too will DLP politicians return to hiding and hibernation in quick time.

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Posted by ego evaluation 1 year, 1 month ago
I think they are running scared. You should have helped people understand this before you started your measures. I don't know if anyone will even take you on now, but good luck.

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