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­Father not paying child support on time

­Father not paying child support on time

Thu, November 01, 2012 - 12:01 AM

Dear Christine,

 I AM WRITING in response to your previous articles pertaining to the child support system. I wish to briefly add my experience to what has already been said.

My situation started from the first court date, where my child’s father stated he worked for himself and “money does not come often”.

This resulted in a reduction in the weekly payment, which he claimed would have been manageable. He then had the audacity to make a request for child visitation.

At first it was fine for me because my child suffers due to his absence. But about two months after these agreed terms, the biweekly pick ups and calls quickly came to a halt. I had to endure her cries and questions as to why. Shortly after that, the money was paid when deemed necessary.  

It was then discovered that money was only paid when he received a summons (twice to date) so he would not have to go to court.

If calculated, the arrears would be for at least six months.

Another summons has not yet been sent, no arrest has been made, no warning, nothing.

I do not know what else to do but to sit tight and pray.

– Frustrated


Dear Frustrated,

Let’s hope those in authority are taking note of letters such as yours and are planning a strategy in the best interest of our nation’s children.


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Posted by D. Stoute 1 year, 11 months ago
It is time for an automatic garnishment of wages through the employer (for those not self employed). Each pay period an automatic deduction from the offending parent's wages should be made. Those funds would then be automatically channeled to the courts or child support system and be made available to the custodial parent.

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Posted by angie sterling 1 year, 11 months ago
I'm sure there're many women out there who have been duped by men and are now paying the price and my heart goes out to them. However, and I don't mean to be harsh, I think the best strategy for the nation's children, if I may borrow Christine's phrase, would be for some of these women to employ a measure of judgement and good old common sense, and stop making babies for these no-good men. In addition, while I'm not generally in favour of this proposed child-maintenance plan of $200 per week as I can see how it can be abused and manipulated, maybe a better plan would be to give $100 and some birth control pills.

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