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Fed up, frustrated LIME customers

Fed up, frustrated LIME customers ALEX MCDONALD: “The criticisms that we get make us better.”

By Mike King | Sat, October 27, 2012 - 12:06 AM

Hurt, frustration and anger.

That summed up the mood of Barbadians who lambasted LIME for “poor” customer service at a meeting held by the telecommunications giant at the St Christopher Primary School in Christ Church on Thursday night.

The night was marked by a litany of complaints in relation to customer service, phone service and slow response time by technicians, with some consumers threatening to cancel their service.

Customers vented their frustration before an audience that included managing director Alex McDonald, who acknowledged that much had to be done and that town hall sessions would help the company to plan better.

“For 140 years we have been here and it seems as if every so often we go through a phase where we are down and then we come back up. But that is the nature of the growth. At times we have to fall away to come back. Listening helps us to plan better,” he said.

McDonald said LIME was now offering more and more services and it was now more challenging than ever to maintain its high standard.

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Posted by J. Payne 1 year, 11 months ago
"threatened"? Please, in Jamaica LIME drop to the status of second largest mobile provider. Do like some of these MPs 'bout hay and "cross de floor" do.

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Posted by Derico Weir 1 year, 11 months ago
I submit that one of Lime's major mistakes was shifting from great internal customer service to external customer service ONLY. Employees should not be expected to give 100% performance and yet have no moral support, no appreciation nor incentive from management. That is like disguised hard labour from- the "Massa". Since the BARTEL days many employees were made to feel alone struggling under a heavy load of change and technology and RE-STRUCTURING.It's not about a good salary only but feeling comfortable in your job. Lime needs to re-tool but inwardly- take care of your employees and you will rule the world. Just a simple observation.

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Posted by bajankid . 1 year, 11 months ago
Can someone tell me if, when and where the next one will be? ALEX MCDONALD said “The criticisms that we get make us better.” I feel a strong need to help them out in getting BETTER!

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