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GOVERNOR GENERAL Sir Elliott Belgrave (centre) and Lady Belgrave (left) admiring the display arranged by Dorothea Pierre.   Pierre won the overall Best Floral Exhibit and Best Local Flower and Foliage Exhibit. (Pictures by Sandy Pitt.) (From left), Mavis Yearwood, Linda Brewster and Louise Mason were delighted with this dried flower arrangement, which won first prize in the category. MAUREEN PATTERSON peering at some orchids on display. HORTICULTURALIST AT the University of the West Indies, Dr Rajendra Maurya, demonstrating air layering techniques to an attentive crowd.

Sun, January 27, 2013 - 12:01 AM

THE BARBADOS Horticultural Society’s 2013 flower show  is an event with  a number of firsts.

It is the first show patron Sir Elliott Belgrave attended as Governor General; it is the first under new president Orson Daisley; and  it is the first time the Barbados Association  of Flower Arrangers (BAFA) is participating.

The two-day event, entitled Hortifair, opened yesterday at Balls Plantation, Christ Church. Daisley said he was heartened by the turnout, describing it as greater than last year’s.

“Today has been  a good day: the crowds  are a little more than last year and the rain has held off,” he said.

In addition to plant displays, the show features demonstrations on propagation, arrangements and topiary. Daisley said there was also a new style of plant propagation on display, where plants were grown on vertical surfaces  such as walls.

He added that his role as president was to continue the good work  of the society and try to get the youth interested.

“We’re trying to get more youths into ornamental gardening. There is money in it and  it helps green Barbados. [Meanwhile] we will promote horticulture throughout the island and continue to support and work with our affiliates such as BAFA, Barbados Bonsai Club and Barbados Cactus and Succulents Society,” he said.

BAFA chairman Maurice Webster said they had a very successful outing, winning best  group overall and eight individual awards.

“It’s gone very well for us. So far, based on the overall presentations, the exhibitions have shown quite a bit of creativity,” he said.

Public relations  and marketing director  of BAFA Carol-Anne Brancker said this  was their second  major showing. (CA)

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