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Gollop vents on radio

Gollop vents on radio Hal Gollop (FP)

Thu, October 25, 2012 - 12:08 AM

ATTORNEY AT LAW Hal Gollop yesterday lambasted THE NATION for publishing the contents of a letter he wrote to the chairman of the Negotiations Committee of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) warning Government would have to pay over $50 million in damages and costs should it stop construction of the new headquarters at the Pine, St Michael.

Gollop contacted two radio call-in programmes yesterday to vent about the publication of the letter and to state categorically that he was not the attorney for the contractor Innotech Services Ltd.

“It cannot be moral for a newspaper to take pride in stealing or having stolen a document to publish in a newspaper,  because the document was sent under official coverage and copied to three persons, none of whom is THE NATION newspaper. So THE NATION had absolutely no right with it,” an upset Gollop said.

In the letter, which was also copied to Minister Responsible for Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick, BWA chairman Dr Atlee Brathwaite and the project manager, Gollop made it known that it would be “catastrophic” if Government failed to proceed with the $44 million building.

Gollop, who declared he was that attorney for the BWA, estimated a total $51 498 856 in damages, including $1.5 million in legal fees due by the BWA, if the project were to be abandoned. (MB)

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Posted by Tony Waterman 2 years ago
Is Mr. Gollop Telling us that it is IMMORAL for the Taxpayers who are the ones paying for this Bungling at the BWA to know what is going on?? is he saying that this should have been kept a SECRET between him and the 3 persons he sent this letter to??? Nothing has changed in Barbados in the Last 46 Years as a matter of fact i think that things have gotten worse, and this is a classic example of it. Good on you Nation News keep up the good work, someone has to watch out for the LITTLE Man.

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Posted by Carl Harper 2 years ago
There clearly is an operative at the BWA that is responsible for WaterLeaks, InfoLeaks, LetterLeaks, and those wicked leaks can be considered WikiLeaks.

Just a couple month ago someone leaked a letter to the Nation, written by Dr David Estwick, instructing personnel at BWA not to attend meetings called by Chris Sinckler - now this.

Hall Gallop's venom is directed at the wrong place or person. Rather than take out his anger on the Nation for publishing contents of the document and accusing it of "stealing," he should be more upset with the three persons to whom he sent it for leaking it to the newspaper.

I guess the Nation is the easiest target and has become everyone's whipping boy during this "silly season." It is not the Nation's fault that tne economy is in tatters and the DLP ship appears to be sinking, as was shown in the recent CADRES Poll, and as being heard from the lips of ordinary Barbadians all across this country.

What's it with these DLP-connected aficionados? They are using every available opportunity to attack the Nation for simply doing its job - reporting the news to the public.

One can hardly believe that in January 2008, these same DLP operatives were "in bed" with the Nation when in appeared that the BLP would have been swept from Office. What has changed in a short four years?

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Posted by CARL HUSBANDS 2 years ago
I believe it is such instances that the media in Barbados does a disservice to the citizens of Barbados. When a newspaper, in this case The Nation, goes from reporting (somewhat incorrectly at that) the news to being the news and then double down on the mistake with such a ridiculous headline and unapologetic article, then it truly leaves much to be desired.

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Posted by Leonard B 2 years ago
This situation speaks to a lack of integrity at the Nation. We expect the gossip papers and cheap rags to print leaked confidential information. We do not expect the same behaviour from mature and respectable news houses. It is true that the individual(s) who leaked the document started the problem, however, is it unreasonable to have some expectation of privacy in communication between attorneys and their clients? If this expectation of privacy is not realistic then we should discard the "confidential" stamps and open all communication for the world to see. I see far-reaching ramifications to this apparently simple incident. LB.

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Posted by jay butcher 2 years ago
Keep up the good work Nation News

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Posted by Simon Templar 2 years ago
So many times we hear that there is no investigative journalism in Barbados. Yet when some "secret" is revealed we behave as if some great wrong has been done. The Nation, like all other media, has no authority to request information, which is why they have to rely on whistleblowers or "leakers." If we had a freedom of information act, then all correspondence, hard copy and electronic, in any public entity could be requested. This is what transparency means. As for Mr. Gollop, no amount of fire breathing by you, any other lawyer or politician will scare anyone. The BWA belong to me and every other bajan. I have a right to know what is happening in there.

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Posted by TAK. TAK. 2 years ago
Here we go again,now this is one of the many reasons why Barbadians are fed up with what is happening in Barbados.The overburderned taxpayers
are not to know how their hard earned taxes are spent.The Nation I believe knows that the long knives
are drawn and well sharpened.

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Posted by En Dee 2 years ago
I am not so much concerned about the fact that the Nation chose to publish information that was leaked to them as I am concerned with the fact that lawyer-client confidential information was leaked. This should never happen. Let us suppose for a moment that this was confidential communication between Hal Gollop and the Police, Coast Guard or Defence. Sensitive information may have been made available to the public on an untimely basis. I believe that any ciizen, business or government department has the right to expect privacy in their communication until they choose to make it public. The day that we start to accept these leaks is the day that we encourage corruption because the leakers will start asking for money for their leaked information. In fact, how do we know that this did not happen in this case? Since we do not yet have a freedom of information act this communication should have remained private. Nigel D.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 2 years ago
MORALITY? ha! ha! coming from de money monger. He's on the money oops the move again. Sorry for who believes he has the interest of the project or de poor taxpayers at heart.

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