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Grip on CBC

Grip on CBC Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (FP)

Wed, November 23, 2011 - 12:05 AM

THE CARIBBEAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (CBC) will not be privatized and will remain a state-owned radio and television station despite its debt-ridden state, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has affirmed.

He told Barbadians yesterday that the Pine Hill, St Michael station had been operating with an accumulated deficit that had quadrupled to over $76 million by the time Government came to office three years ago, but now was not the time to restructure it.

“Let the word go forth: the Democratic Labour Party [DLP] Government established CBC as a state-owned station. The DLP Government will keep CBC as a state-owned station. Let there be no debate over that,” he said to loud desk thumping on the Government bench.

Speaking during debate in the House of Assembly on a resolution to approve a $40.6 million lifeline for CBC, Stuart added: “CBC is not, at this stage under this Government, going to be privatized. Those who wanted to do it had 14 years to do it and did not do it.” (RJ)


Full story in today’s MIDWEEK NATION.


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Posted by Tony Webster 2 years, 11 months ago
Having heard yesterday, all sorts of convoluted justifications trumpeted for a one-TV-station policy, I ask two simple questions:-
1 How come all the other CARICOM states have long ago moved on to policy of multiple TV stations? These folks have not sunk beneath the waves, and have, by the evidence of my eyes and ears during visits to sister islands- -a wonderful diversity of local programming!

2 If it's OK to run up a huge loan / loss position of $76 million (how this is possible if you are running a monopoly is "beyond my imagination"), at what point will one surrender to common sense , and look at alternatives? When the debt reaches $176 million? or $376 million? Cuddear: If CBC is so good, can't they summon enough courage, to take on a little competition? It is clear that once an administration is in power, they are so insecure that they hold onto that channel 8 simply out of fear- and at our expense. "Methinks, they doth protest overmuch"!!

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Posted by Kenneth King 2 years, 11 months ago
I agree 100% that CBC should remain just as it is, my only concern is that the administration need to handle the funds of this station more wisely. We have people earning big salaries but how and where can cuts and effective marketing of the institution be able to function as a profit making establishment. The internet during the past years took over a lot of business at a cheaper price and at time free while advertising on stations increased on adds. There must be someone with innovative structures of Media management to make CBC a profit making Empire handling the Taxpayers funds, it cannot continue just because it's there....normally 80% of CBC's profits should come from advertising and the rest made up of fees from the use of pay TV etc. It cannot be that this system of management not working. It should be a system not misused by Politics and be allowed to function as a profit making institution.

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Posted by skeete melvin 2 years, 11 months ago
Yes Mr. PM, continue to waste the Taxpayers money like the other party. No difference at all. Give me one good reason why CBC should not be privatised. If you are using the fact that the DLP founded the CBC as the reason, that is economic madness.

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