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Hell no!

Hell no! Rev. Dr David Durant: Youth arm of the UGLAB was giving too much focus on alternative lifestyles.

Sun, December 12, 2010 - 12:06 AM

MEMBERS of the religious community are not behind the formation of the youth arm of United Gays And Lesbians Against AIDS Barbados (UGLAB).

But at least one is calling for tolerance and empathy.

Senator Reverend Dr David Durant, the head of Restoration Ministries, said he thought the youth arm was giving too much focus on alternative lifestyles.

“I don’t think they should have this kind of prominence. Instead, those so inclined should be helped through counsel and guidance,” he said.

Durant said there was no need to cry down gays and lesbians as he felt there was a way for them to become “normal” again.

“They don’t have to remain in that situation. They can be helped through the Word of God and, along with guidance and compassionate counsel, can overcome that gay and lesbian tendency and return to normal, as by biblical standards that lifestyle is not normal,” he concluded

“I think it is ridiculous. From studying the homosexual agenda, one of their [agendas] is to [attract] young boys. So I am not surprised; but that is something the nation must turn against,” said Apostle Bernard Cadogan of Love And Faith Ministry, Operation Marriage Restore and Excess Singles.

“We are not afraid of their agenda, but we are concerned about our children and what they are faced with in our society,” Bernard added.

He said that if homosexuals were allowed in the church they would be expected to change.

Apostle Destiny shared similar views to her husband Bernard. She refuted the claim of the youth arm of the UGLAB that it could provide a future for its members.

“They are short-sighted in their objective. There is no future for homsexuality. It is a dead thing.”

She is calling on UGLAB to be responsible and speak to parents about the problems of their children as they would any other problem.

 Reverend Carlyle Williams, district superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, is of the view that young people “should always have a proper direction”.

“Just to start in UGLAB they are not going to get the help that is necessary.

“While we should not discriminate, the problem is far deeper. The question is: who will be there to counsel, advise and provide moral and spiritual guidance?” said Williams, adding that there must be professional guidance.

Reverend Cuthbert Moore, head of the Methodist Church, said stigma and/or discrimination against any individual, community or sector of the community “was not acceptable for our Judeo-Christian ethics and as believers. This attitude should not be encouraged by faith communities or society in general and should be stopped”.

Moore said: “Rather than criticising or condemning, as a nation and moreso as a faith-based community, we need to be more tolerant of persons who may be different; and the faith community needs to exercise a supporting role without condoning that which is inconsistent with our beliefs and practices, and provide a forum to educate our people so that discrimination, abuse and stigma may end.”

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Posted by devaron bruce 3 years, 10 months ago
They are against the fight against AIDS? Giving to much focus on alternative lifestyle so lets just pretend it is not there and all 6 billion people on earth heterosexual just like how all 6 billion have the same height, skin tone and hair colour right? They should not have this kind of prominance because why they are vermin? Yes just counsel and pray the homosexuality out so you can be "normal" again,which normal the normal that goes around robbing banks and throwing bombs into buildings? bet you wont see a homosexual in the court pages cause that would be too normal. The agenda of gay people is to attract young boys? where did they get that from? What are your kids faced with the right to happiness insted of a pretensive misery? Homosexuals in church should change how long do you have a year ? and if not dont come back ? there is no future for homosexuality yet we are still talking about it 2000 years after? because you are gay you cant live a productive honest healthy life?

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Posted by Lucky Hall 3 years, 10 months ago
I think the reason why so much attention is given to the United Gays and Lesbians Against Aids Bds, is because many people feel that it promotes the agenda of alternative lifestyles. It is common sense and in the title, which is kind of "psuedo". Hiv/Aids is a horrific plague that is wiping out people all over the globe, and has no respect of person. It does not discriminate. The efforts to combat it should be inclusive, not just exclusive. Homosexuals are NOT the only people who contract the virus/disease, thus the particular name is not needed, but wanted for a reason.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 3 years, 10 months ago
Today I will be the devil's advocate and ask:
1. Where in the Bible would I find the words gay,
lesbian, homosexual?
2. How do I know the phrase 'men will be lovers of
themselves' does not refer to vanity?

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