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Hope a loving father, husband

Achebe Hope paying tribute to his late father Dr. Chamberlain “Colin” Hope at St James Parish Church yesterday. (Pictures by Gercine Carter.) The grandchildren of Chamberlain “Colin” Hope – Isabella Fischer (left) and Jayden Hope reading Psalm 23 alternately in German and English at yesterday’s memorial service for their grandfather, assisted by Richard Field with microphone.

Sat, December 29, 2012 - 12:01 AM

Achebe Hope painted a personal picture of a strict but engaging, loving father and husband and a man with a passion for education as he paid tribute to his late father Dr Chamberlain “Colin” Hope at a memorial service at the St James Parish Church yesterday.

Dr Hope passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital last week, and yesterday Minister of Education Ronald Jones, faculty members from the University of the West Indies and others were welcomed by his son to a celebration of “the life of a national treasure”.

“Daddy was a man full of contradictions. He was a teacher, an intellect, as well as very humble; historian as well as a visionary; he was stern but yet very nurturing,” Achebe said as he shared vignettes of life with his “best friend; my hero”.

Similar sentiments about Hope’s contribution to education were echoed by his brother Emman in a lengthy eulogy, as he talked about the two brothers’ similar interest in educational matters.

He also detailed the Hope family ethos and connections to illustrate the impact on the life of the Hope progeny in general and on “Colin” in particular.

Hope was at various times a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, at Erdiston College and in the Bahamas was also a former chairman of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

Among those left to mourn their loss are his son Achebe and daughter Anoush Hope-Fischer.

Interment will take place at a later date. (GC)

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