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Hundreds head back to school

Edwin entertaining the students last night at Kensington Oval at the annual Back to School party. (Michelle Springer) Partygoers represented schools across Barbados yesterday at Wadadah's Back to School party. (Michelle Springer) Khiomal on stage at Kensington Oval at the Back to School party. (Michelle Springer)

By Davandra Babb | Thu, July 14, 2011 - 3:28 AM

It may be summer time, but school was in full swing last night at the Party Stand at Kensignton Oval for the annual Wadadah Back to School fete.

Hundreds of students of all ages, shapes and sizes came out representing their respective secondary and primary schools> They were decked out in their school ties, epaulettes, skirts, overalls, shirts, ribbons, bag packs and lunch bags filled with goodies.  

The students were on time for school, starting promptly at 9 p.m. and unlike the norm, they were all huddled at the gate eager to get inside to get the lesson started. At the beginning of the night, the students limed and chatted with friends before the school bell finally rang and they all headed to the front of the Party Stand to get classes started.

Krosfyah, were the first teachers for the night and they taught their lesson well. The teachers should have been proud to see their students having such a good time in the middle of the party stand and even stopping to Poze for some pictures.

Next was principal Lil Rick, Ricky Minaj, who came and instructed his students how to work properly - not forgetting how to Jones and Wuk-Up.

During the latter part of the session, a fight broke out and sent students scampering. But, just like it is frowned upon in regular school and not tolerated, it was the same at the Party Stand.

Security moved swiftly to get the fight under control so the session could continue. However, by that time, it was after 3 a.m. and many students had begun to dismiss themselves from school.



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