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Jersey barriers built on site

Jersey barriers  built on site WORKMEN from C.O.Williams constructing the jersey barriers at Welches, St Michael, yesterday. (Maria Bradshaw)

Tue, November 20, 2012 - 12:00 AM

JERSEY BARRIERS are being installed along the Ronald Mapp Highway at Welches/Redman Village, St Thomas.

Workmen from C.O.Williams Construction Company were yesterday busy constructing the concrete separation barriers, which have become a safety feature along the highway.

However, unlike the ones that were transported and placed along the ABC Highway, these ones are actually being built on site.

Asphalt manager Neil Weekes told the DAILY NATION that the company was using a mould to build the barriers and install them on location.

This process, he pointed out, would be three times faster than the other method of building off site, transporting and then installing.

“Last week we did a test run, so today was the first day that we put them in and we will do some more tomorrow,” he said.

He said construction work along the highway was progressing smoothly and the company was aiming to have the roundabout by Automotive Art completed in time

for Christmas. (MB)

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