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A section of the boisterous crowd at Villa Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, last night. (Pictures by Ricardo Leacock.) Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (above) as he assured Transport Board workers they need not fear the loss of their jobs.

By Barry Alleyne | Mon, November 26, 2012 - 12:11 AM

Have no fear; your jobs are safe! The message last night from former Prime Minister Owen Athur to the staff of the Transport Board.

During an emotional, hour-long address at a mass meeting in Brittons Hill, St Michael, last night, the Leader of the Opposition said he felt it necessary to ease the minds of staff at the statutory corporation, because the Government continued to spread propaganda implying a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration would immediately privatize the Transport Board and start sending home people.

Arthur told the large crowd on hand at Villa Road that it was actually the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) that had put jobs at the Transport Board in peril by reducing its subsidy from $11 million back down to $6 million.

“What the Transport Board really needs is $16 million to carry the students of Barbados free,” Arthur claimed.

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Posted by Payel Garcia 1 year, 11 months ago
Never believe anybody that says your job is safe. No job in the country is safe.

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