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“Jonesin” around Christ Church today

“Jonesin” around Christ Church today MP and Minister of Education Ronald Jones during his walk around in his constituency today. (Sharon Harding)

Sat, January 26, 2013 - 2:02 PM

Member of Parliament for Christ Church East Central Ronald Jones was in an upbeat mood as he went “Jonesin” through Kingsland today.

Jones, along with branch members and constituents,donned a yellow shirt marked “RJ” on the front and “We Jonesin” on the back, hit the road to disseminate information on his campaign and get a feel for the concerns of resident.

Jones canvassed the ‘YC 4’ polling district, of Kingsland, an area which he said had supported him for years.

He said the current problems in the area included overgrown lots and green monkeys but he was working on them and intended to keep his message going.

“Five years ago there was a buoyancy and a bounce. We’ve seen the bounce come back to our supporters and to thinking people in Barbados and, looking at what is happening on the ground, I believe that the Democratic Labour Party will form the next Government in a few weeks,” he said. (CA)

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Posted by Carl Harper 1 year, 9 months ago
Ronald Jones: "I believe that the Democratic Labour Party will form the next Government in a few weeks...." I am not sure if he got this revelation during the service at the Gymnasium last Sunday but he is dead wrong!

Nonetheless, this is the most definitive clue to date of when elections will likely be held - if it is ever called. Only this week on VOB Brasstacks, Jones said he had no idea when elections will be called, as that was a matter entirely for PM Stuart to decide.

The question is, did Jones know before or after the radio program that elections will be held in a "few weeks?"

Stuart should therefore discipline Jones for speaking ultra vires as it relates to elections in the next few weeks, as the prime minister is the only one with the legal authority to make that publicly known.

The way things are shaping up in the DLP, we could be about to have a constitutional crisis in the making if elections are not held by February 12.

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