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Kids using ‘food’ to disguise sex talk

Kids using ‘food’ to disguise sex talk Ken Mayers is concerned about the offensive language used by students in one secondary school. (Picture by Reco Moore.)

Tue, March 26, 2013 - 12:08 AM

Concerns have been raised about the language being used by the island’s children.

Rhonda Blackman, president of the Barbados National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Inc., told the DAILY NATION that many students were referring to areas of human anatomy as various food items, and this was worrying.

“You hear children talking about eating pizza and parents may think it is pizza from Chefette but if you ask them, they tell you it is a body part. This is where the concern [lies],”she pointed out.

She said the development not only proved that students were being exposed to content not meant for them, but also the need for more parents to pay attention to their children.

She said that this kind of language started in primary school “but it filters through the secondary school and then into the society”.

Concerned parent Ken Mayers said he witnessed foul language being used in the presence of teachers at a secondary school and they did nothing about it.

“You have children shouting a curse word and a teacher passing and would never stop to correct that kid. So we have a situation where children are doing wrong and teachers behave as if they don’t have the time to deal with that. But each little incident that happens is going to create four or five more incidents because it will be seen as the norm." (MM)

Please read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by G Philips 1 year, 7 months ago
I'm 33...we were giving different names to our private parts when we were kids -_-....about the cussing tho...the parents and teachers need to teach them some form of respect

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Posted by Rochelle Taitt 1 year, 7 months ago
Hard for a teacher to correct a "kid" (since when goats go to school?), when the parent isn't correcting that child at home and then said parent who isn't correcting child at home wants to come rain blows if said teacher offers correction.
People often talking about failing teachers (and there are some!) but they forget about the many failing parents - we are in a downhill spiral!

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Posted by Cheese On 1 year, 7 months ago
They have been doing this for years, first it was the coloured writs bands, now food? What next?

It won't stop until Parenting starts at Home, a teacher is supposed to tell your child not to say the curse word they learnt at home? These modern day children are aggressive & teachers have been attacked before and this may be the reason why teachers don't get involved.

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Posted by Bim Bum 1 year, 7 months ago
- only in the lower classes!

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Posted by Mr Psychotic 1 year, 7 months ago
We all know about the 'hotdog' and 'hamburger'; what is the big deal...just different times and different words. Cursing and vulgar talk in schools is so pervasive that when you speak to one, there are about 300 more around you that are behaving the same way. Principals need to set the tone for their schools and parents need (some) to stop setting bad examples for their children. The ministry needs to focus on more parenting workshops but alas, those who need it most don't attend.

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Posted by ricardo smith 1 year, 7 months ago
It is amazing that this parent can attribute blame on the teachers. Really? Where did your foul mouthed child learn these words? It starts at home buddy. Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old( out in public) he will know how to behave. Ironically, if a teacher scolds that child, give lines or God forbid it's a senior teacher and he/she is flogged for using abusive language, I am willing to bet you will be up in arms. Don't blame the teacher...check yourself first.

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Posted by Lloyd Gulstone 1 year, 7 months ago
Children in this generation or the next have describing body parts as names of eons. This is no new development. What should be the worry is sexual promiscuity that is a regular occurrence at the schools. That needs investigating since technology via the smart phones is showing up some acts that would make you wonder if sex is the new impetus at the schools

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