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LET’S UNITE! Senior pastor Stephen Holford praying yesterday for the success of new Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler with wife Arlyn (Nigel Browne)

Mon, October 04, 2010 - 12:01 AM

NEWLY APPOINTED MINISTER of FINANCE Chris Sinckler has given the thumbs up to the stewardship of Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stewart, but has refused to be drawn into any controversy regarding Dr David Estwick.

And on the economic front he has urged Barbadians to unite in building strong bonds between the private sector and the Government and to put God first in all that they do.

It is going to take more than economic planning to get Barbados out of the recession, but Barbadians “should be able to pull through”, said Sinckler who today takes over as Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs.

He told the DAILY NATION that apart from economic planning, improving the troubled economy would hinge on factors including letting God “lead the charge” as well as Barbadians uniting in love and working to build strong bonds between industry, Government and labour.

“The main challenge for Barbados is to put God first,” he said in an interview yesterday after attending a church service at the New Dimensions Ministries, in Barbarees Hill, St Michael.

“Once we do that, we will be okay. There will be more than enough time to address those [major economic] issues . . . .”

In a Cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister David Thompson last Thursday, Sinckler was moved from the Ministry of Social Care.

He replaces Thompson as Minister of Finance and Dr Estwick as Minister of Economic Affairs.

Sinckler said he would not be drawn into commenting on reports that Estwick was disappointed that he was not given the Finance and Economic Affairs portfolio.

He also reported that he would address the issue of the national budget presentation in due course, while brushing aside speculation about disunity within the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

Rather, he told the DAILY NATION, he hoped to take into his confidence the business sector, the wider community, the informal and formal communities in a bid to “find a way to get what we have to do done” to improve the economy.

Sinckler, who said he accepted the portfolio “in all humility”,  described his job as pretty big and challenging, given what is happening in Barbados and in the global economy.

“But I think if we heed the words of the Prime Minister to unite in love and to work to build bonds between industry, Government and labour, we should be able to weather this storm.

“We’ve been through recessions before and think that we are on a correct course and once we stay the course we should be able to pull through this . . . .”

He added that it was important to invoke God’s blessings in these tough times.

Sinckler also commented on complaints by the business sector and Opposition charges that leadership was lacking in recent months due to Thompson’s illness.

In this regard he said Stuart “has provided as good a leadership as you will get anywhere”.

He went on: “We all need to step up and be leaders. The business community must provide leadership. The politicians must provide leadership.

The church must provide leadership.

“We have to provide leadership to Barbados and, once we look at it like that, that this is our project, this is ours and we have to ensure that we get up every day hoping to make this place a better place, then we will achieve our objectives.” (TY)

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Posted by poop 4 years ago
I am a bit wary about people who are quick to talk about God God God.
God is Love not Talk
Practice Love become God like
Love God and Love your neighbour/brother/sister as you would yourself
Cut the talk and walk the walk

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Posted by marlo Ray 4 years ago
Yes Putting God in front is correct, but God did not cause this recession and God will not get us out. Min. Sinckler please get on with the job and stop being patronising to the growing
religious right in Barbados. They have already shown that they do not have solutions to our ills (no pun).

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Posted by Gracious 4 years ago
we need strong, positve, faithful young men to remain true to their word.
continue with GOD blessings

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Posted by kay-rani rosita 4 years ago
Poop, I see what you are trying to say, but you can’t have one without the other. You must walk the walk and talk the talk they go hand in hand.

Talk is a useful tool of evangelism.

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Posted by CAH 4 years ago
I remember not to long ago when certain religious people were talking about how the world events are signs of the end of times and predicted bad things for Barbados. I am sure I may never be mistaken for an Apostle but sseing and reading about what is going on in the world and, in particular, Barbados, I would think that it would be imperative that we do put God first in everything that we do.

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