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Lower PHD prices soon

Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick (left) as he addressed the meeting yesterday. Next to him is Pine Hill Dairy director Richard Cozier. (Picture by Nigel Browne.)

Wed, September 11, 2013 - 12:08 AM

The Pine Hill Dairy (PHD) is looking at lowering prices in order to stay competitive.

This will be one of the considerations of a Dairy Control Board which Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr David Estwick said would be established soon.

“We are going to bring this to the forefront very quickly and allow the Dairy Control Board, which would be made up of producers as well as processors, to sit down together and work out things such as prices and quota in the way they ought to be done,” he said.

Estwick was speaking during a media conference after a tour of PHD yesterday.

Estwick also outlined other measures which the Government was undertaking to assist the dairy, such as a nationwide voucher programme. (CA)

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Posted by BIG SKY 1 year ago
The PHD prefer farmers to throw away milk rather than lower the cost of milk.The milk on the supermarket shelves is too expensive and is treated as though there is a scarcity.These companies are smart and cleaver but consumers now will only purchase the said items if absolutely necessary.

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Posted by Payel Garcia 1 year ago
In all fairness if the government is subsidising PHD it should take some of the share in it as it had before BHL took over. It is clear that BHL lacks the competence to manage the dairy.
PHD also needs to get the rid of those ugly milk cartons and hire a qualified and experienced Marketing Manager.

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Posted by Rod mann 1 year ago
Wise choice , cheaper products ---->more sales---->more revenue made--->more local products being used/sold = every body's happy...yaaay

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Posted by ego evaluation 1 year ago
At least one of DEM seem to be doing something positive. I was convinced all DEM was self serving. Happy to read this article, with all the milk available in the country people should be able to afford so of it.

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