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Managers share tips on investing

ICBL ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER, LIFE DIVISION, TYRONE LOWE (left),Barbados Stock Exchange chief executive officer Marlon Yarde, Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme acting manager Paul Leach, and Barbados Youth Development Council Board of Trustees chairman Jason Carmichael.

By Yvette Best | Tue, November 06, 2012 - 12:01 AM

YOU DO NOT have to have a lot of money in order to invest.

Marlon Yarde, chief executive officer and general manager of  the Barbados Stock Exchange, made  that clear to participants at a Life Le$$ons Seminar facilitated by Insurance Corporation of  Barbados Ltd (ICBL) last week.

Using the old adage “if you fail  to plan, you plan to fail”, Yarde said investing was about making your money work for you and that the key to any  plan was to have a budget.

Speaking to the primarily young audience, Yarde offered some tips about investing. Aware that one of the first things youths bought when they started  to work was a car, Yarde cautioned them against buying the most expensive one.

He encouraged them to set aside money for emergencies; invest in  a home, look to accumulate wealth  and plan for retirement as soon  as they started to work.

Yarde also spoke of the difference between short- and long-term investments and various financial instruments that are available, including bonds, fixed deposits, shares, term deposits, treasury bills, property ownership, insurance and pension plans.

He said they should get as much information about the investment before putting money into it and advised them  to diversify and not put all their eggs  in one basket. He encouraged  them to use the three Rs when they  were thinking about investing – risk, reward and recourse.

Above all, he advised would-be investors to be patient because nothing ever came easy. He said investing  was a long-term process that  required commitment.

During her opening remarks, managing director and chief executive officer Ingrid Innes told participants their journey in life was full of predictable and unpredictable twists and turns and how they coped would depend  on a number of important decisions, many of which would be financial.

“The educational level you attain, the social status you enjoy, the very financial independence you seek will  be determined largely by financial decisions,” Innes said.

She said the people at ICBL were very aware of the business of living and felt that equipping citizens with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of life was part of their corporate responsibility.

She added that their primary goal  was to help people achieve and maintain a good quality of life.

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