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McClean: Time to restructure economy

McClean: Time to restructure economy Leader of Public Business in the Senate, Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine McClean. (FP)

Mon, March 25, 2013 - 7:11 PM

Stabilization of the economy is complete; now, it’s time for the restructuring to start.

That was the message sent earlier today by Leader of Public Business in the Senate, Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine McClean.

Introducing the Appropriations Bill 2013, McClean said it should not be taken for granted what the current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration had been able to achieve since taking power in 2008, in terms of keeping the economy on an even keel during a recession that brought other developing countries to their knees.

“I can say categorically that were able to stabilize the economy,” McClean said.

The senator added that Barbadians could easily determine just how well the Government had done simply by looking at its performance report published earlier this year.

“We have delivered,” said McClean, “but our task to restructure is not an easy one. It may not bear fruits in the short term, but we see it as our responsibility so as to offer a proper foundation for the generations to come.”

McClean reiterated that Government’s intent was to see a Barbados that was economically viable, socially stable and environmentally sound.

She said Government would continue to pay the strictest attention to a “green plan” that would see the country deal with the vagaries of climate change, while at the same time protecting the environment and rolling out plans to reduce the spiralling cost of imports of fossil fuels by utilizing continuous green policies.

According to McClean, the DLP administration, in seeking just over $1.7 billion in the annual Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure passed in the House of Assembly last week, would also maintain the social safety net so as to protect most lower income Barbadians. (BA)

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Posted by Frank Husbands 1 year, 7 months ago
I have plans to rewire my house after seeing a video on YouTube showing how to install a wind turbine and Photovoltaic sun panels in combination to take my house off the grid.If the majority of households in Barbados did likewise it would be a huge saving on the US foreign exchange we used to import fossil fuels.However the fall out of all of this is that our Electric company may no longer be viable with jobs and pensions in jeopardy at our lone power station.Are we really ready to think green?

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