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New Orleans residents living in fear

Concerns were raised by residents about the New Orleans area. (Ricardo Leacock)

Fri, November 09, 2012 - 12:01 AM

“Someone goin' get killed out hey. We know who the shooters are but we frighten. These young fellas reckless.”

These were some of the cries of the people of New Orleans and its environs, just 24 hours after the latest terrifying gunfire that left three men wounded and countless other residents in fear.
Wharton Gap is more like a war-torn gap as groups of youngsters at every street corner prepare themselves for another assault on the densely populated City community.

One elderly man, a father of four, said he feared there would be bloodshed soon.

“Someone is going to get hurt. They interfered with this man at a fete sometime back and he wants revenge. Everyone know who the shooter is. He has an incurable illness and does not care. This is far from over.”

The 81-year-old man said many parents were to blame for what was happening.

“I spoke to a woman about her grandson sometime back and she scolded me. Three weeks later, he was stabbed to death. Some of the parents and grandparents don’t set good examples.
“But the Orleans is not as bad as some people think. Many decent people have come out of the Orleans and some of those who commit crimes out here are outsiders,” he said.


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