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Nexcyx making moves in music contest

Nexcyx making moves in music contest

By Natanga Smith | Tue, March 19, 2013 - 4:25 PM

A little band from Barbados is making "Moves Like Jagger" on the international scene.

Local band Nexcyx with Andre, Chadd, Russ, Kris and lead singer Mahalia did the Maroon 5 cover and posted it on Youtube last year April. This year it was discovered by Ryan Seacrest and entered in his march Music Madness cover contest.

The band made it to Round 2 and is looking to move to round three. They are currently at No. 2 with 32.82 per cent, slowly closing the gap behind Mike Stud and ELEW who has 37.89 per cent with One More Night.

Mahalia told NATIONNews: "We chose Moves Like Jagger because it was such a fun upbeat track that we were already covering in our live show. Andre, the musical director, saw the potential to make it our own and we decided 'why not have some fun along the way?' “

"We were surprised to hear we were in the competition at all furthermore, the second round. We have no idea what winning would mean, but we know in the meantime the competition has shown how much love and support we get from our fans and Barbados in general. We really appreciate each and every vote," she said happily.

Voting is daily and closes tonight at 11:59 p.m.

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