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NIFCA finals end on high

NIFCA finals end on high The Ellerslie Rising Stars trio.

Tue, November 06, 2012 - 5:19 PM

Being chosen to bring the curtain down on a NIFCA final is usually no guarantee of a top award, but the Parkinson Memorial School Band, based solely on its climactic performance last night, should be among the winners in the LIME NIFCA Performing Arts 2012 competition.

Rendering the original reggae number, Fussing And Fighting, penned by the group’s 14-year-old lead vocalist Amber Orano Barrow and two-time kaiso monarch John King, the band brought patrons to their feet as it ended the last of four nights of finals at the packed Frank Collymore Hall.

With their Randy Eastmond arrangement, bolstered by Barrow’s vocals and body language, the Parkinson Band certainly won the hearts of patrons who gave them a standing ovation following  the convincing delivery of the song that speaks to the rise in violence worldwide.

Barrow’s concern for humanity was also well conveyed to the audience as she pleadingly issued the warning to “stop the fussing and fighting”.

This outstanding climax was fitting on a night when ensembles took their audience soaring to the heights of varied musical tastes; starting with the Combermere School Steel Orchestra, mixed with the lively Alleyne School Pop Band, the SKF Steel Sounds, a range of choirs and an impressive Ellerslie Rising Stars trio. (RJ)

Full review in tomorrow's MIDWEEK NATION

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