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A KISS FOR THE PM! Democratic Labour Party supporter Norma Frank kissing Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on the cheek as Patricia Prescod (second from right)  and Talisha Boyce (right) look on. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

Mon, November 05, 2012 - 12:15 AM

MINISTER of FINANCE Chris Sinckler says some 7 000 temporary public officers would go on the breadline  unless Government borrowed to pay  their salaries.

Sinckler told a large gathering last night at the Christ Church Foundation School for a combined meeting of the Christ Church branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP),  that the Opposition had been harassing the administration to cut, but was  not stating publicly where the cuts should be made.

Explaining that 70 per cent  of the money that went to statutory corporations was for payment of salaries of workers in those entities, he said expenditure cuts would surely translate to major job losses.

“I asked them in the Budget one year, ‘Tell me where to cut’. I don’t mind cutting, but tell me where to cut. I ain’t cutting wages and salaries, I aint cutting staff and I can’t stop debt servicing’. So cut what?” he told a packed school hall.

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Posted by Rochelle Taitt 1 year, 11 months ago
...until after the election! "temporary" jobs aren't supposed to be permanent!

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Posted by Carl Harper 1 year, 11 months ago
Mr Sinckler, it is not for the BLP to tell you where to cut; you are the Minister of Finance - the government of the day.

The Barbadians people are already taxed to the limit and the fiscal deficit still remains unacceptably high. VAT was increased to 17.5%, yet revenues declined 2.5% as at December 2011, and is now down $20 million year-to-date; a counter productive measure that that shows DLP policies are not working.

"Chris Sinckler says some 7 000 temporary public officers would go...unless Government borrowed to pay  their salaries." The DLP is borrowing $40 million monthly from the NIS, not only to pay "temporary" workers, but ALL public employees.

The policy to borrow to pay salaries is nothing short of rape of the NIS. It is UNSUSTAINABLE and Sinckler knows that. That debt will be like "an albatross around the necks" of Barbadians to repay.

The Barbadian people are not stupid, Mr Sinckler. We know that those 7,000 temporary workers will be sent home by the DLP if reelected for a second term, as an attempt to cut government spending.

The same DLP used a similar argument in 2008 when they removed the fuel subsidy that helped to keep the cost of living stable and allowed businesses to plan better from month to month.

The fuel subsidy benefits also indirectly accrued to the wider society in terms of stimulating economic activity; the quantification of which is not recorded on balance sheets or financial statements. If it were, the dollar value in benefits would by far outweigh the associated cost. Instead, we are now paying well over $3.00 per liter for diesel and gasoline.

That DLP Budget of 2008 was largely responsible for the decline in the economy. It was draconian and dampened economic activity - burdensome shopkeeper license fees, increased professional fees, higher vehicular registration fees, higher water and electricity rates etc.

Mr Sinckler, tell us the truth or we shall not forget your propaganda on Elections Day.

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Posted by David Hall 1 year, 11 months ago
Wow! Look at those shirts with the word Gimmicks, Why does the prime minister persist in campaigning in this way? This method of campaigning while insisting that it is not yet time to announce an election is sneaky. What is the PM afraid of? I have long held that the PM is awaiting the outcome of the US election. I am of the view that he feels if the Democrats in the US do well that in spirit realm things will bode well for him. I feel he is misguided but, he is entitled to his feelings. Notwithstanding that however, it is clear that Sinckler’s words are an admonition of his incompetence. If you don’t know where to cut move aside let someone who has proven that they know how to do it. In 1994, your government, not knowing where to cut, cut public servants as well as their salaries. Mr. Arthur came and restored the salaries and the workers and added thousands more.

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Posted by David Hall 1 year, 11 months ago
Stop wild spending of funds! I have been a public servant for years, am no longer there, and I have several friends in the service who on a daily basis can point to wastage. Take a hint Mr. Sinckler- Constituency councils, trips, oversize cabinet…

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Posted by Kenneth King 1 year, 11 months ago
I know that we all support our parties in and out of Government but what I don't understand was, the BLP had wasted so many funds for years building things we didn't need, not paying a contractor his millions for a building under that administrations watch. Then there was the National Bank sold to the Trinidadians, is that the kind of management we want for our country? regardless of the situation of job creating if the private sector are only looking at profitability, the Government job is to make sure some kind of movement in getting these people some kind of work or be face with an employment backlash. We need policy's in place to find new ways in creating jobs for our people, we will at some time be faced a an economic disaster if fair trade and foreign debt not controlled while our local Manufactures and other entities suffer due to the many imports of over priced products being allowed on our shores.
Politics is a strand thing, as the last party left office with a high deficit, leaving the present to make miracles in getting the house back in order, then you have economist not agreeing with each other; therefore the problems are never solved because everybody have their own opinion of economic growth but never a balance. There is no plan B and Mr. Arthur will sell every thing he gets his hands on to the Trinidadians and his fight with the former BLP party leader will continue but being so determine to get back the Government they are making things look rosy within camp. There will never be a balance unless our Tourism and exports working full swing, if we continue buying more than we are exporting how can we go forward, the trade balance are essential to making our deficit a slow recovery.

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