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COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Darwin Dottin (second from right) and Acting Assistant Commissioners Mark Thompson (right) and Erwin Boyce (background) coming through an alley adjacent to Chapman Lane after hearing the complaints of residents yesterday.

By Barry Alleyne | Tue, November 13, 2012 - 12:10 AM

THE TROUBLE SPOTS of New Orleans and Chapman Lane, St Michael, are about to get a 24-hour police presence.

That presence will include members of the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Special Services Unit, its K-9 Unit, mobile patrols and officers walking the beat as well.

It will come through the stationing  of the force’s mobile trailer unit  on the western edge of Chapman Lane from today on a small pasture  by the Bridgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin said yesterday he would not have it any other way.

Please read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by Tony Waterman 1 year, 11 months ago
If History really repeats itself, then i am not too optimistic of there being a cure to this criminality that is ensuing in the New Orleans/Chapman Lane area,and the reason is simple, this Walk Through by the present Commish. is no different than the Orville Durant era walk through in Nelson Street (1984) if my memory serves me right it was also Commish.Durant who did another walk through in this same New Orleans area when Rookie Const.Marlon Marville was Shot to death in 1990.It is also no different than the walk through done by the Commish. in 1991 in the Deacons Farm area a Const. was Stabbed with a screw driver in this area, no different in the pine in 2009 another walk through, and now the latest episode New Orleans AGAIN up against Chapman Lane but with an added twist MULTIPLE GUNSHOT INJURIES, this to me points to a LARGE ESCALATION IN VIOLENCE, the thing abou all the Instances is that EXACTLY the same thing done in 1984 was done in 2012 (28yrs apart) a walk through PHOTO OP, a Mobile Unit,Patrols, and a promise to have the SOCIAL ILLS FIXED, obviously none of this had any effect as the CRIME is still with us with VENGANCE. In my HUMBLE Opinion what we need is some good OLD TIME Policing, as was done by Jasper Watson,Marlon Watts, Keith Whittaker,Barney Lynch,Jessamy, and others like them, they all had cultivated friendships with some of the LOW LIFES which got them the information the needed to solve the Crime, we need Undercover COPS to infiltrate these Gangs (not cops that were on Broad Street Yesterday) and even PAID INFORMERS if we are going to get past this. We also need MANDATORY SENTENCES FOR GUN CRIMES INCLUDING SIMPLE POSSESSION OF UNLICENSED GUNS AND AMMO.I SAY 5YRS 1st OFFENCE with Prison FARM Labour attached, escalating for repeat offenders. NO Laws for SUCH??? You changed the Laws to get a Chief Justice now change them for this.
These are all instances of ""Management by Walking About"" Knee jerk Reactionary Policing

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