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Parents at fault!

Parents at fault! Principal of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, Matthew Farley, (FP)

By MIKE KING | Thu, October 18, 2012 - 12:09 AM

Matthew Farley, principal of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, yesterday blamed parents for the situation that led to the suspensions of 265 students for uniform infringements last Monday.

Many parents were struggling to understand the importance of the dress code, Farley said on Starcom Network’s Brasstacks radio programme yesterday afternoon,

“Too many parents are ignoring what schools are doing, are disagreeing with what we are doing on grounds that I don’t always understand.

“Some parents are saying they don’t see anything wrong with the uniforms, but it is not whether the uniform looks good, it is whether it meets the requirement.”

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Posted by Derico Weir 2 years ago
Principal Farley I commend you Sir. We are living in a sad society and many young parents have no standard. The "in-thing" is image! it does not matter whether it is correct or proper. So image but no substance is the blind rule of the day! Run your school Mr Farley, don't slack your riding!

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years ago
Mr Farley, children go to school to get an education, not to get their pants and dress length measured, in this world so many girls and boys are denied an education because of wars going on in their country, poverty, gender discrimination, the Taliban burning down little girls schools in Pakistan, then shooting a young girl Malala Yousafzai in the head, by extremists, he is throwing children out of school based on dress instead of welcoming them to higher learning, maybe he needs to retire from the school an follow his calling as a tailor/seamstress and leave the education to someone more qualified, what if any of these students had gotten hurt , injured or molested during the period they should have been in school, who shoulders the blame, Mr Farley, the Ministry of Education? It seems these principles today believe they now own the Schools, and have become a power unto themselves. Aka dictators, in this day and time we no longer need dictators, we now live in a democracy, what's next Mr Farley, throw children out, because of the length of their hair, or their socks, backpack sizes, the color variation in their uniforms or whatever your whim and fancy dictates is more important than educating these kids? Time out Mr Farley, maybe you should go out and purchase a sewing machine instead of books for your office sir, and spend time modifying pants and dresses instead of teaching, in this day and age many seem to place a higher importance on clothing and material and fails to see the person within, let's be clear "clothes does not maketh man or woman, but the other way around. Leave extremism outside the school gate, and education on the inside, Mr Farley children are sent to school to be educated, not thrown out based on technicalities.

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Posted by Belle Brewster 2 years ago
I thought that our schools were in the business of educating our youths and I wonder if the the classes that are being missed will be made up. So much can be missed in one week away from school. I believe rules should be followed but this is excessive, since I saw not outrageous uniforms and the children are the losers in this case. Mr. Farley needs to do his job and that is to first educate. If you want to punish these children find another way. Since school started more than a month and this is now an issues, it leads me to believe that there is a little jealousy on Mr. Farley's part who hopes to usurp Mr. Broomes from the limelight. So please Mr. Farley take a different line of defense and don't let these children end up like me because i don't know who the hell is Graydon Sealy!

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Posted by John Da Silva 2 years ago
Seems that children going through puberty will grow several inches in a year. Hems that were fine today can be short in a few months time. Ridiculous to suspend students for this. They should change the rule to read "knee length skirts" and leave it at that.

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Posted by Rochelle Taitt 2 years ago
i applaud Mr. Farley! Education isn't just about academics! there must be adherence to socially acceptable behaviour - students and by extention, parents should not be allowed to ignore it or else our society will be lost!

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Posted by En Dee 2 years ago
@ Belle Brewster: I suggest that you refrain from writing blogs if your comments are to be as shallow and useless as this one. I am assuming that you are an adult and should therefore be displaying a modicum of respect and maturity. Please consider the messages that you send to youngsters when they read your disrespectful balderdash. We are already experiencing enough problems with molding children into circumspect and mature adults. I suggest that you make a solid contribution to this effort and play your part. Be the best that you can be, so that we may follow your example. On reflection and on re-reading your blog, I conclude that you mean well but you have not expressed yourself well. What is wrong with a little discipline at school? The discipline I gained from being a cadet has stood me in good stead all my life and I do not regret a minute of it. Nigel D.

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Posted by Cheryl Thompson 2 years ago
SOL FISH you've got it all wrong. The thing is that when students ignore the importance of the school dress, it's usually because they have something else on their minds... other than the importance of that "education" that you are talking about. Are you a school teacher or headmaster? Are you in the position to watch how these children behave? Do you know the players well enough (as these school officials do) to understand which children elected to followed the rules and which ones did not? We are not in Pakistan, or Zimbabwe; this is Barbados! Mr. Farley and his staff care about those kids as they are a direct reflection on them. Instead of rallying for children to disobey simple dress rules, you ought to be supporting the institutions policies and the people who help to turn these young people into decent, law-abiding adults.

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Posted by Summer Rheigs 2 years ago
Yes Mr. Farley, it is okay to have a uniform infringement policy because you have to uphold the standards of your school and make sure that the children do not come to school dress like they are going to a WADADA FETE. However, I believe that some other form of punishment should be instituted instead of sending the children home from school. If this practice of sending children home from school is continued, the standard of education in Barbados will fall and the crime rate, birth rate and every other ungodly rate that one can think of will increase. Remember that some of the parents claimed that they had to take time off from work to come to the school, so it means that when many of these children are at home alone, with nothing to do, they will be tested by many of the ills and vices of today. Some of these children may be/can be future leaders of tomorrow, so please reconsider sending them home!!!!!! PARENTS ARE AT FAULT but children are being hurt in the process.

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Posted by SANDREA BUTCHER 2 years ago
Don't back down Mr Farley! If it is that the children grow so tall, the parents should make allowances.

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Posted by Tony Waterman 2 years ago
Sol Fish, Belle Brewster,John Da Silva!!!! YOU are all contributing to the Problem, not helping to CURE it. Reading Instructions and following them to the "T" is a very REAL and INTEGRAL part of one's EDUCATION, so i dont see why you all are Castigating Principal Farley because he is STRICTLY ADHEARING to the UNIFORM PROTOCOL. when these Students get into the REAL WORLD they will have to know how to follow RULES & INSTRUCTIONS, and i believe that places like Graydon Sealy High is where this SHOULD be TAUGHT and LEARNED. YOU BEEF should be with the LOUSY PARENTS who allowed their CHARGES to ATTEMPT to CIRCUMVENT/IGNORE the RULES. Maybe COMPREHENSION is a problem with todays Students
Principal Farley:::Stay the Course, i am with you on this one 110%

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Posted by Kay-rani Rosita 2 years ago
@Summer Rheigs
You say, "PARENTS ARE AT FAULT" so why are you addressing your comments to Principal Farley and not the errant parents?

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Posted by John Da Silva 2 years ago
Sorry, I disagree. If you want to raise a bunch of mindless automatons, keep enforcing silly rules like this one. Schools such as Garrison Secondary will churn out children with a few CXCs, who have lost the ability to think independently and work with any initiative. If you want to spend the rest of your life serving chicken in a fast food restaurant or pumping gas, I guess that is fine. However, we need to reinvent out education system to produce free thinkers who are willing to challenge the status quo, who are able to innovate, and who are able to go out into the world and become leaders, not followers.

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years ago
In response to others, let's be clear, this is nothing more than an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill, sorry 1/2 an inch, we can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, meaning you can send a child to the best school, make sure his/her uniform is correct, if they don't want to learn they never will, clothes have no impact on learning, you can place the best clothes on a fool, he is still a fool, a child who wants to learn will find a way learn whether he/she is naked or barefooted or dressed in old clothing. Society has its own rules, you should not steal, nor kill another, or tell lies, people break these rules daily, murders, break ins, robberies, stabbings, disrespecting others, anyone who thinks a dress code will bring this behavior to an end is merely fooling themselves, dress code or not a person who wants to kill, will kill, a child who wants to learn will learn, who doesn't wont. Clothes are merely garments to hide human nakedness, the best clothes or uniforms will never give or cultivate intelligence in anyone, education will. Let's not forget the Story of the Emperor and his New Clothes, parading through the city for all to see, lets hope that That Mr Farley an his followers are not going around following suit, trying to impress us with their new "uniforms", or rather their nakedness, education if used wisely may change a fool, clothes or correct uniforms wont, I'm sorry if I've stepped on a few corns.

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years ago
In the end when all is said and done these kids came to school in an uniform whether it was 1 inch too long or too short, this is nothing more than a storm in a teacup, Mr Farley instead of trying to improve these kids intelligence or scholastic abilities, his time is more wisely spent improving the length of their garments. The sign of a truly enlightened Principle...

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Posted by junior k 2 years ago
Some of you parents are really stupid. I bet you are the parents of young men who show up for a job interview not dressed appropriately. You don’t get to dress however you want in the work place, why not take the same ridiculous stance in the work place and tell your boss it doesn’t matter how you dress.

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Posted by Mark Walkes 2 years ago
I support Principal Farley 100%. If these infringements are allowed to continue and become widespread, then the expected standards of the school are compromised. Pupils need to follow standards and become disciplined individuals. If discipline is grounded from young, then when they become adults in working life and more so in the wider world if they have no standards or discipline, then they will suffer to compete with those whose social framework is built upon discipline and standards.

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Posted by daneale o'neale 2 years ago
Instead of sending home some other punishment should be found. I can't support the taut of putting them out there to supervise them self???????????? I think that is wrong.but rules are rules and their should be follow.every employer have codes and rules and their must be adhere to or out you go.parents know this too.

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years ago
I guess by the response of most readers, when hunting for a job, we gotten our pants and dresses measured, by our future employers, those who didn't have the correct lengths were shown the door and their applications for work rejected. In the late 60's and early 70's, most of us kids lived to read and learn, the public library and all bookstores in the city was my favorite places of learning, many of us were lucky to have more than 1 shirt, pair of pants, and one pair of shoes that had to last basically for ever year in year out. Today it seems things have been reversed, length of clothing, matching colors, backpacks, and listening to rubbish music has taken a front seat to education and higher learning. For many of the Unenlightened clothes has become a huge obsession, a matter of life or death, job or no job, school or no school, I guess with the correct length of pants, and shade of shoes, we now have the tools to take us to the top, of whatever we strive for in life.

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