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PM: DLP team best for Barbados

PM: DLP team  best for Barbados This couple slowed down to greet Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (left) along the route. (Picture by Nigel Browne.)

Wed, February 20, 2013 - 12:08 AM

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart  last night reminded the country that he is a “leader and not a ruler” as he made his case for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) be given a second term in tomorrow’s general election.

In a 30-minute television broadcast,  Stuart said that the DLP team on offer is the best for Barbados, having benefited from the experience of the last five years.

Stuart was also quite critical of what the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) had to offer Barbadians since, he said, they had never accepted the electorate’s decision in 2008 to give the DLP a chance to run the country’s affairs, after their [the BLP’s] 14-year time in office.

“When all is said and done, Barbadians had voted [in 2008] for a Government they could trust. In the final analysis, the assignment in this election is coming down a Government that can once again be trusted,” Stuart said. (BA) 

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Posted by Orson Arthur 1 year, 8 months ago
This is just my opinion.Everyone should go
and vote.I live here in th USA ,but my thinking is
the country had to be managed well, to avoid
going bankrupt. What I can't understand is how the
BLP is going to give back, and promise so much to
the people.The whole world is in economic turmoil,
Barbados import more than they export.
The tourism is down, how is the BLP going to do better.What are they going to sell ?
It is ok to say I am with B or D,look and see what make sense,vote for what make sense.
There are some hard days ahead you are not out
of the storm.You don't change the captain in the storm.

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Posted by Lloyd Gulstone 1 year, 8 months ago
Mr. Stuart I am not really for your government but to be honest, the things that the BLP are promising to do really do not make sense. Owen Arthur has shown that he will sell the family silver to the highest bidder and I seriously have a problem with that. Yet he is popular and the choice of the CADRES poll for the forming of the next government in power. You must remember that persuasion comes in all forms, shapes and money sizes. Be careful and be reminded that the people in Jesus time cried for a saviour and when one was given the deeds of a righteous, honest, upright, holy and miracle working man, where put aside for that of a vagabond, thief and murderer through careful persuasions and manipulations. They cried give us Barabbas and Crucified the Christ. You may stand for what is right and just but the people gravitate towards ruthlessness because its image is painted as one of prosperity and success.

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