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PM lauds Thatcher’s contribution

PM lauds Thatcher’s contribution Prime Minister Freundel Stuart signing the condolence book today. (Guest Photo)

Wed, April 10, 2013 - 7:05 PM

The late Margaret Thatcher was impossible to ignore and was one of a handful of leaders who lent her name to an era.

This is the view of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who, in signing the condolence book for the former British Prime Minister, said no one could deny that between 1979 and 1990 Baroness Thatcher made a profound impact on the politics of Britain and the world.

“Very few political leaders are able to lend their name to an era. Margaret Thatcher was able to do that. We all know that there’s such a thing as Thatcherism which represents a set
of values, a set of perspectives, a set of policy positions which she espoused, promoted and fought for,” he said.

“Now you can have your own opinions as to the virtues or the vices of that world outlook but the fact is that it exists, and for as long as she was in active politics, it was impossible to ignore her,” Stuart added.

He also said that long after she was gone, people would wrestle with Thatcher’s view of the world in contrast to other views.

Stuart and Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine McClean signed the condolence book at the offices of the British High Comission today, and extended condolences to the government
and people of Britain.

Also in attendance was British High Commissioner to Barbados Paul Brummell who echoed the words of his prime minister David Cameron in saying Thatcher “didn’t just
lead our country, she saved our country”.

Adding that he had been gratified at the warm messages of condolence from leaders and ordinary people right across the region, Brummell said these were testimony
to the affection and admiration in which Thatcher was held.

Thatcher’s funeral will be held next Wednesday in London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, and an invitation has been sent via the Barbados High Commission for a representative of the Barbados Government to attend, Brummell said. (RJ)

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Posted by Olutoye WALROND 1 year, 6 months ago
She may have lent her name to an era, but for all the wrong reasons. I've never felt that people suddenly become saints when they die, and certainly this 1980's Czar of extreme conservatism/capitalism was no saint.

She was no friend of the poor and under--privileged on whom her policies wreaked havoc. And I daresay the interest of black people was never something that engaged even a sliver of her thoughts.

After all, this is the woman who called Mandela and Oliver Tambo terrorists, and refused to agree to sanctions at a time when the apartheid regime in South Africa was slaughtering black people.

Her obsession with ultra conservative capitalism was paramount. It completely de-sensitized her to such frivolities as human suffering.

She has left many footprints, some of them still scar the minds of the many Britons whose lives were wrecked by her ideological paranoia.

Her admirers might well want to dedicate her tomb as a shrine to unbridled capitalism/conservatism.

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