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PM raps leaking of documents

PM raps leaking of documents

Mon, October 29, 2012 - 6:54 PM

The leaking of crucial Government documents will not be tolerated by the present administration, which has accused the Opposition of muck-raking and of seeming to have no moral or ethical standards.
In a strongly worded speech at Sunday night’s joint meeting of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP)
St George North and St Michael North East constituency branches at St George Secondary School, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said his Government would not countenance the leakage of critical documents which were being regularly highlighted by the media.
“What I’m witnessing in Barbados is causing me great concern that you cannot have private communication on any matter, however important an issue, unless somebody somewhere in the public is saying this thing dropped off a truck. And then you have accomplices on the electronic media talking about the public’s right to know,” he remarked.
Stuart said while such things may cause public lighthearted reaction initially, there was no telling how far such issues could go.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years ago
If the government had moved to enact the Freedom of Information bill as promised there would probably be a framework for organisation and media to obtain information. However, when you try to play 'secret-secret everybody keep dis 'hay secret' the information will make its own path into the public's forum. Not saying I tolerate it, just saying the government needs to 'get with the times'.

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