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PM on the attack

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart arrived to a standing room only crowd of supporters at Queen’s College where he and the Democratic Labour Party candidiates for the St James constituencies rallied the troops.

By Dawne Parris | Mon, October 15, 2012 - 12:10 AM

PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART has strongly rejected suggestions that his party hurt its re-election chances by boycotting the recent NATION Talkback on the election, indicating that not only did he have no apologies to make for not participating, but he had no intention of taking part in any such initiatives organized by the newspaper.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) leader, among speakers who targeted THE NATION at last night’s joint meeting of the ruling party’s St James branches at Queen’s College, Husbands, St James, said while neither he nor any party representative attended last Wednesday’s town hall meeting on the topic The Next General Election – Who Should Run The Affairs Of The Country?, the DLP was engaging with voters on its own terms.

In his first public reaction to the criticism heaped on the party for not being represented at the event to interact with the public, Stuart said he had no intention of being part of what he described as “an unofficial Barbados Labour Party [BLP] meeting”.

“The nonsense I’m hearing suggests that only the people who assembled at Sherbourne are going to vote here, so unless you go and see them you’ve done yourself some kind of political damage,” said Stuart at the school hall packed with DLP supporters.

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Posted by Samuel Shank 2 years ago
Well, he has been wrong on everything else he has done since falling into the job, so why should anything change now?

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Posted by Bim Bum 2 years ago
MANIPULATION behind the scenes, I see!

Glad to see that Mr. Stuart did not fall for that one.

BLP is not controlling things

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Posted by RANDY BRIDGEMAN 2 years ago
In my view, what our beloved nation needs desperately more than anything in the political realm is statesmen. Men and women who are able to place the national interests above partisan politics. Politicians who don't view every issue, problem or situation through the skewed prism of B vs. D, "us against them," or with a "what's in it for me and/or my party mentality." Their policies, actions and deeds should be carried out with the benefit all members of the Bajan family in mind and not simply for their supporters.

Barbados is far too politicized for its good. Political victimization ought to be on a rapid downward trend. Opposing for opposing sake is backward and counter-productive. We need to mature politically while dispensing with the archaic "corned beef " politics. As a small, still developing nation, we cannot afford to hamper and hinder our collective progress with a petty, self-centered, partisan approach to matters. Our country faces serious socio-political and economic challenges. It goes without saying that an "all hands on deck" approach is mandatory if we desire to overcome them successfully.

We need more humble leaders too. Men and women who will recognize that no individual or party has all the answers to our nation's problems, only the Lord GOD Almighty does. That man will truly seek His face in all things to receive help, benefits, blessings and the like both individually as well as in the corporate sense. Come on Barbados, we can be an example to the nations in the truest sense of that word.

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Posted by young dennis 2 years ago
Some people would like to do A JACK WARNER and tie up the country.

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Posted by Tony Waterman 2 years ago
Unless THE CBC is going to be the sole avenue for the Ruling Party to spread their word around the Country, i don't see it as good Politics to castigate the daily news papers,
NB: when i am in a position to vote, i vote by conscience as i never was a supporter of any Political Party.

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