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Power repairs

Power repairs (Picture by Ricardo Leacock)

Sat, May 04, 2013 - 12:07 AM

EVERY MONTH the Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) treats or replaces about 50 poles.

And yesterday, four crews (above) were doing just that at the St Thomas sub-station near the Lawrence Johnson Roundabout.

Jackie Marshall-Clarke, the BL&P’s communications administrator, said that a bush fire in the area two weeks earlier had damaged four poles, a transmission line and cables, and workmen were doing the necessary remedial work yesterday.

Marshall-Clarke said that during the dry season, when fires were more frequent, poles in the area of the fires would be inspected and replaced –

if there was damage. “In 2012, about 650 poles were changed. In ordering poles, we seek to purchase poles that are durable and more resistant to termites; poles that

are strong and less brittle for climbing. The safety of our employees and the general public, and the reliability of our electricity system

to our customers are priorities for us at Light & Power,” she said.

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Posted by Orson Arthur 1 year, 6 months ago
BLP should start looking at placing the
cables under ground. They would not have to worry
about replacing poles.

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