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SOME OF THE 2012 UWI graduates. At this point they were paying attention to the Cavite Chorale. Valedictorian Terral Mapp of St Vincent. GOVERNOR GENERAL Sir Elliott Belgrave (left) chatting with vice-chancellor Professor E. Nigel Harris after the ceremony. JAMES DACOSTA HUSBANDS is now the proud holder of an honorary doctorate. He was bestowed a degree of Doctor of Laws at the University of West Indies graduation ceremony on Saturday. UWI CAVE HILL campus principal Hilary Beckles (right) is the picture of pride as he congratulates his son Biko on achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in tourism management.

Mon, October 22, 2012 - 12:01 AM

RESISTING NEW IDEAS may stand in the way of Barbados businesses’ success, according to James Husbands, managing director of Solar Dynamics and Claytone Products Inc.

Husbands was the third person overall to be conferred with an honorary doctorate – the Doctor of Laws degree – on Saturday at the University of the West Indies’ graduation ceremony at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey, St Michael.

In his address, he urged corporate Barbados to consider utilizing more university graduates.

“Possibility thinking is vital to our regional and hemispheric development. As a business community, we must step up and continue to treat education with direction.

“It is imperative that the business community institute a widespread internship programme for our students. This kind of collaboration puts the energy of thought into motion – and where thought and knowledge meet the practice of business, the dynamic energy they create is transformational,” he said. (CA)

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