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QEH mess!

Confident the BLP will have a “large and overwhelming victory”, BLP leader Owen Arthur, chatting with colleagues (from right) George Griffith, Hashim Degia, former Minister of Health Jerome Walcott and Pat Parris at Maxwell Coast Road last night.

By MIKE KING | Mon, October 15, 2012 - 12:32 AM

EVERY DAY there are issues facing the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which is a “virtual mess” and has a “nursing shortage of 66”.

Former Minister of Health Jerome Walcott made this charge yesterday while speaking at the official opening of his Christ Church South constituency office on Maxwell Coast Road.

While Minister of Health Donville Inniss was at a joint St James branch meeting hailing the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for its improvements to health care in the island, Walcott suggested that the DLP had failed Barbadians in this area.

“Has anything improved at the QEH? Are people still at the Accident & Emergency Department for two and three days? Two weeks ago not a sterilization machine in the Sterilization Department was working.

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Posted by D. Stoute 2 years ago
I suppose under the Arthur administration the QEH was a model of efficiency. Talk about paling cocks.

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Posted by Payel Garcia 2 years ago
I am not a supporter of the DLP but they appear to be doing more to improve the QEH than the BLP ever did.

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Posted by CARL HUSBANDS 2 years ago
There we go again playing politics with the health of Barbadians. Sickness ain't prejudice, it wud tek B and D alike. Tired of the garbage. When certain people were in a position to do something about QEH, they didn't do squat. What's the difference between whether the place has been dysfunctional for 15 years under the BLP or for 5 years under the DLP? Seems like there is a contest to see who is the more incompetent. The only sure thing in such a contest is that there definitely will be a loser, The Bajan People.

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Posted by Bim Bum 2 years ago
GO Carl Husbands!
You tell them!

Carl is bang on the money!!! lol

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Posted by Janet Mayers 2 years ago
Why should it matter which political party is in power when the hospital is there for all Bajans and anyone who is in need of healthcare.
The QEH has been on a decline for a long time.It seems as though it is a case of" Who will bell the cat"
If the two parties continue to face each other and say not me but you, eventually there won't be a hospital.The poor of Barbados will have no place to go for healthcare and those who are blessed financially will fly to Miami,Britain, Canada , New York etc.
Other islands look to us for better care than what their home hospitals offer.It is time to let go of differences,fix that building, fix some people to manage it and be the Proud and Caring Bajans as we are noted to be.

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Posted by wayne husbands 2 years ago

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Posted by Francis Blackman 2 years ago
Hospitals the world over are having severe challenges. Many of them in North America and Europe have been forced to close. Some have had to revise their operating procedures. Many changes have been at variance with what physicians involved in Hospital practice have been taught to think of as indispensable. QEH's current state did not occur overnight. Description of its genesis is beyond my information. Fixing it will result in many oxen being gored. I do also know that accentuation of preventive and primary care will make the often futile and costly end of life undertakings of a hospital far less relevant. It's about more than polititians...a lot more.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 2 years ago
This is where we differ@ Janet Mayers, when you mentioned 'fix that building'. That building can take no more cosmetic surgery. Time for a brand new hospital.

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Posted by Kenneth King 2 years ago
I remember reading some time back how tax payers monies were given to scientist for the development of drugs that cure the sick, somehow these very same drugs are costing a fortune o purchase. I believe that what some politicians here are easing for is to implement Healthcare where you will have to pay for your Hospital visits in the future. Which if I may had will still cause problems and just as corrupt as Europe. Insurance companies not being fair by taking people's money and not every sickness are really covered or some people refused coverage. I wonder what plans does our politicians, especially those who were around for decades have not seen it fit to find a solution how the QEH can be a good business for Barbados if we only take the matter a bit more serious. We have others coming here to our Healthcare system because they find it better than theirs, then why are we not capitalizing on this and get our house in order. I'm sure with a surge in patients coming to our land for health reasons can only be a plus for us to help balance the QEH cost.

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Posted by Janet Mayers 2 years ago
In response to Pan Wallie:I have not visited the QEH in a while, and the last time I was there I observed it to be in a state of disrepair.I was saddened by what I saw.
However,you most likely know the very present state and I do not.
Yet,I believe it would be cost effective to start repairing, refurbishing and replenishing.The building went up in the mid 60's.Hold the wrecking ball.

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