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Rainy winter in UK

Rainy winter in UK Waves crash onto the beach beside the pier in Brighton, England. (AP)

Sat, January 04, 2014 - 5:48 PM

LONDON (AP) – High winds, waves and tides lashed the western coasts of Britain and France, flooding seaside towns and low-lying areas.

Wales, southwest England and Northern Ireland were the worst-hit United Kingdom regions by the latest in a recent series of extreme winter storms. Parts of northwestern France also suffered flooding.

A combination of heavy rain, winds gusting up to 90 mph and exceptionally high tides sent water flooding into several British seaside towns. Some western rivers also burst their banks.

The U.K. Environment Agency issued eight severe flood warnings – meaning there is a threat to life and property – as well as almost 400 less serious flood warnings and alerts. That was down from 14 severe warnings earlier in the day.

Floods also washed over parts of northwestern France, as heavy rains coupled with unusually high tides left the streets of some coastal towns underwater.

The storm follows severe weather in early December and over Christmas that also hit western Europe.


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